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    Windows Spotlight on Sign-In Screen Not Loading After Anniversary Update

    Same problem. I guess it could have been worse.
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    Anniversary Update on Surface 3 - Y / N ?

    The ads on this page before I logged in, just now, were inappropriate for the age group this site is intended to cover and NSFW.
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    Anniversary Update on Surface 3 - Y / N ?

    For me, at least, updates to my Surface 3 have been kind of hit-or-miss. One update screwed up the sound, another WiFi, another the dock with an external monitor. Now the "Anniversary Update" is coming along with a massive patch following immediately. I'm wondering if I should wait a week or so...
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    WiFi Fails to Start Periodically

    Ever since the last firmware update on my Surface 3, I've had problems where WiFi fails to start. This problem persists even if I reboot or cycle power. The fix at first was to roll back the driver and now I have to uninstall the device and allow it to reinstall. Any suggestions how I may get...
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    Microsoft Service Experience

    So far, so good. Thanks
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    Microsoft Service Experience

    My Surface 3 hasn't been the same since I installed the November 15th version of Windows 10. There were several incidences where it would fail intermittently, not the least of which was turning on in my bag and running the battery down. So, off it goes to the Microsoft Store for service. As...
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    Inking making a huge comeback in Redstone 1

    I'd be happy just to get the touch functionality in Windows 8 back. :-/
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    Surface update left Surface 3 mute.

    I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. Yesterday my Surface 3 was not able to play any sounds. The speaker set up widget gave a unhelpful "There was an error" message. The Microsoft support site, in the self help section, ran the sound trouble shooter and then the hardware and drivers...
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    Surface 3 Will not wake up after sleep

    I have the same problem and it started about the same time as OP. Even with forcing a shutdown with the power button, it still takes a minute or two before I can turn it back on. Damn beta software. GRRR! I discovered a work around - Press Ctrl, Alt, Delete and you should get a login screen.
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    Send messages through homegroup

    Microsoft is all about Skype Messenger these days. That should work if everyone is connected to the Internet.
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    Trouble Watching Videos

    I've had trouble with Edge and some YouTube videos embedded in a foreign web site (i.e. If you were looking at a YouTube video on Surface Forums.) where the video remains blank unless I go to YouTube and view it. I attributed this to a privacy issue but don't know for sure. The trouble goes away...
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    Okay, I got my Surface and have a couple of questions

    # 3) yes, you can do that but you need one of these Look for Windows Easy Transfer to copy your files and settings from your old computer to the...
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    Surface 3 as media centre

    What? You don't have a TV in your bedroom? :cool:
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    Solved Auto correct not working....

    Autocorrect depends on the app. The keyboard can't do it on it's own.
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    Surface 3 as media centre

    I do something similar in the bedroom. I use a wireless keyboard/touchpad as a remote. Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad K400 - Logitech I've also used my Surface 3 with a projector for backyard movies.
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    Surface 3 docking station

    I use a Logitech Wireless K400 - It works great! I just plugged the adapter into a usb port on the dock.
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    Surface 3 docking station

    I bought a "refurbished" dock on ebay for $90 US. It came in like new condition but the box was scuffed. I've very happy with the purchase and the performance of the dock.
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    Need powered USB 3.0 hub for continuous use

    I need a USB 3.o hub that can power 2 or 3 hard drives and be used continuously. I've tried this Micro Center - Computers and Electronics and this Micro Center - Computers and Electronics . Both worked fine for 3 or 4 weeks then died. The Inland is recognized by the computer but nothing plugged...
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    Do Windows Apps Have Any Future?

    That seems to follow my understanding of the situation. Microsoft maintains "Modern Apps" are the future and that legacy Windows "desktop" apps will be deprecated. I don't see that happening. I don't see any effort beyond Microsoft to make that happen. Apps that have been developed seem to be...
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    Will New Surface Pen Work on Surface 3?

    According to the Microsoft store site, it works with Surface Pro 3 so I would expect it to work with the Surface 3. Hopefully someone will be able to test it in a few days.