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    FIXED: Touch/Type Cover Issue

    my wife has the type cover. she has a numeric password enabled. we noticed that if the sp is off and you disconnect the type cover then turn the unit on... the on screen keyboard will not pop up onto the screen. so i believe you are correct... the unit should run a quick check from sleep to...
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    Desktop browsers in mobile mode

    thanks for all the input. i just assumed the tablet would behave like my desktop.. but yeah.. i'm assuming something is being triggered somewhere. the biggest problem was that some websites for her work don't seem to want to load. they say she's using an incompatible browser and to download...
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    Desktop browsers in mobile mode

    i tried searching but couldn't find any info. i bought the surface pro for my wife for work and she noticed something funny. some websites she visits say she has an incompatible browser. i've looked at it and it seems she gets the message because the websites pick up the browser as a...