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  1. Omni

    SP4 us version in the uk

    I just registered my SP4 but it didn't tell me how much warranty it has left.... Where can I find the page that shows this?
  2. Omni

    Screen Resolution and fuzzy letters

    You should adjust the DPI (Right click desktop, Display Settings) and change the slider to a higher percentage. Default I think is 200% on the SP4 but you might prefer it higher. Remote desktop will change the DPI but only on Windows 8/8.1 and 10 I believe.
  3. Omni

    What does everyone use their surface or 4 - for?

    I use mine for mainly desktop office work and on the go office work. I have two 24" Dell monitors, (Same as the ones pictured above) I use with my SP4. I also do a lot of remote management for clients from it. Possibly a bit overpowered for what I use it for but Id rather that than under powered.
  4. Omni

    Solved Surface pro very short wifi range on 5GHz

    I do get a weak signal on only the 5Ghz band but I am around 20 foot away plus a couple of solid walls so I don't think that's unacceptable.
  5. Omni

    Solved Surface pro very short wifi range on 5GHz

    I have one 5Ghz and one 2.4Ghz routers that my SP4 switches between but I haven't noticed a weak signal on just 5Ghz. Ill disable the 2.4Ghz and see.
  6. Omni

    Known issues for SP4

    Ive started having a issue with my Surface Dock. When I leave my SP4 plugged in theres a 50/50 chance I wont be able to get it to come back after it sleeps. I need to hard reset. I've just changed it so it never sleeps when plugged in but that's not ideal. I know a sleep fix is coming early...
  7. Omni

    5ghz / router

    I also have the Asus RT-AC68U and have no issue at all. I usual stay connected at 600-700mbits.
  8. Omni

    Solved Microsoft yanks latest Windows 10 release - November update (version 1511)

    I cant understand why they've done this. I luckily pulled both x86 and x64 versions just before they removed them and have used them 3 times on different pcs to upgrade them and had no issues at all. Surely they will explain why soon...?
  9. Omni

    Firmware Nov 18

    Use the Windows Feedback app for things like that. Most likely way Microsoft will get the message. Search for it first though as its likely someone else has already reported it.
  10. Omni

    Wake from sleep

    I have this issues occasionally but I just started using hibernate all the time and haven't had a issue since.
  11. Omni

    help with pen and Onenote (office pro plus 2016)

    I'm sure someone will figure out how to change the button to launch whatever we want.
  12. Omni

    USB hub with Ethernet connection

    Why not try the Surface Hub it is powered and has a Ethernet port.
  13. Omni

    Surface Pro 4 Lot Numbers

    i5/256/8gb Lot #1544
  14. Omni

    Display Driver Crashing

    Since TH2 Edge has been the only thing to cause the crash, but that's only happened twice and its always on this website. Its really not a issues that's worrying me much though.
  15. Omni

    Car charger for Surface Pro 4

    Thanks for the recommendation but I don't think that would even fit in my car because of the way the dash is designed. I'm waiting one a response from another seller on amazon for this item...
  16. Omni

    Car charger for Surface Pro 4

    Thanks Neil but I'm in the UK and cant find that exact one for sale here. I have found this one but theres not user reviews unfortunately. Its not expensive how ever so...
  17. Omni

    Car charger for Surface Pro 4

    Ah right thanks for that info. Its more for emergencies than a regular thing so I'll have a look at SP3 ones.
  18. Omni

    Car charger for Surface Pro 4

    I'm after a 12V car charger for the SP4. Has anyone any recommendations? Well to be honest I cant find any and I'm not sure if the SP3 one would work. I'm generally wary of third party chargers but as Microsoft have never released one for any Surface I doubt I will have much choice.
  19. Omni

    Display Driver Crashing

    I have had one crash while using Edge. Its so quick though Id barely know anything had happened unless the message came up. Needs sorting though Microsoft.
  20. Omni

    UK Excitement building - shipping date 12th Nov

    Finally got mine. Came at 5;30pm! My SP4 is also taking ages to install the Fall update. Hurry up I want to use it! Really love the hardware though and the screen is great.