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    Cancelled order - too many issues

    Forums like this and user-submitted reviews on shopping sites are often echo chambers that unduly amplify problems. The vast majority of users don't go online and post their positive experiences. The users that are having problems are the ones posting about it. Me, for instance. I got my SP4...
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    Messenger bag with Water bottle holder

    I can't speak for the expected battery life but Anker (ANKER) sells many different kinds of battery boosters that are amazingly small and very well regarded.
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    Poll What do you want to buy, Surface Pro or Surface Book?

    I really, really wanted to get a SB but I decided to pre-order a SP4 instead. I already have a year-old Macbook Pro so I didn't need another laptop. I needed a Windows tablet. The short battery life of the clipboard was the deal-killer for me. I needed something that will primarily be used...
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    Hands-on Surface Book review

    The XPS 15 has two different screen options. The non-touch version is 1920 x 1080 and is cheaper than the SB. The touch-enabled version at 4K resolution starts at $1,749, right in the same ballpark as a SB.
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    Not an artist - will I ever use the pen?

    The idea of note-taking with a pen is probably the biggest attraction for me. I'm a heavy OneNote user. I use it on my MacBook Pro, my Windows 7 PC at work, and my iPhone (occasionally). I saw a "Tested" video for the SP3 where they were using the pen as a pointing device. My son has a...
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    Not an artist - will I ever use the pen?

    I'm looking to buy a Windows tablet and/or convertible. Dell's new XPS laptops look very nice but the idea of the pen (with different tips) sounds intriguing. I'm not an artist and can't draw to save my life. I'm a software developer and will use my new computer for development, web browsing...

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