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    surface pen button to open keyboard

    the keyboard is supposed to pop up when you click on a typeable area. This works for me about half the time. Maybe a little less. I always have to click on the little icon in the bottom right corner. I mostly use Chrome, Photoshop, and Krita. Anyway I would like to customize the eraser button to...
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    How to disable left-swipe windows actions

    Ya I'd like to know also
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    Pen Button Sporadically Works

    My pen does the same thing. It never opens 1note after sleep. The battery is 100% according to the SP4. It would be really cool to just open the screen, push the button, and take a note. (like advertised)
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    Surface Pro 4 ownership experience survey:

    After sleep the pen button never re connects. I have to disconnect and re connect blue tooth to the pen. EVERY TIME Some Apps are really tiny. You cant zoom in enough.
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    use button to open keyboard

    For Some reason the text stopped showing up in the type box of this forum. I had to refresh and make this second post to continue. . . Anyway, is there a way to make the pen button open the to ad keyboard? It seams like the touch keyboard should appear when touching with your finger, and the...
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    use button to open keyboard

    Hello, the touch keyboard does not open when touching the pen to a place where you can type when in desktop mode. Under Settings devices-keyboard there is not an option to a automatically open the keyboard when in desktop mode. I just updated so that setting must have moved or been eliminated.
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    make button open snippng tool

    I just updated and now it works! Thanks Scotty!!!
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    make button open snippng tool

    Thanks for the quick response but my system is a little different... In settings, it only says pen not "Pen and windows ink" When I click that there are no options to customize the pen. In the Surface app there is an option to customize the pen. However I do not get "launch a classic app" I...
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    make button open snippng tool

    Im probably the first person to think "Gee I would rather open snipping tool to capture a portion of the screen r than an entire screen grab" Anyway when I open the Surface App and go to customize the button clicks. I can't find snipping tool. It opens the file browser and I navigate to the...

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