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    Creating a game specifically for Surface Pro X - what would you like to have?

    I am really enjoying the SPX and due to lack of apps and games at the moment I have been thinking that I should start creating something. I have mainly used Unity when creating apps and games before. I am going to have a look if I could compile to ARM64 that works with SPX or if I can't then 32...
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    My initial review of Surface Pro X that I got today

    Today my Surface Pro X (8/128) arrived. In self isolation it is good to play around with gear and I have got time in my isolation to really test this beauty. My first thoughts, this is THE IPAD PRO. I have an iPad Pro 12.9, although it too is a beautiful design with powerful hardware, it feels...
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    Is the Surface Pen nib slightly curved (SP4 pen)?

    A clumsy friend of mine dropped my Surface Pen on the floor... Pens usually fall with the pointy end down. I am wondering, how sturdy are these pens? The pen did not work when I tried to touch the screen after the fall. I opened it and took the battery away and put the battery back. Then the...
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    Just ordered SP3 i5 4GB for 850€, is it a good deal?

    Hello all! Been awhile. I've been working with my SP2 with 64GB internal storage for awhile. I have hit that point when the storage space is too little. Now when the SP4 is out, is the SP3 i5 with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage for 850€ a good deal (brand new)? I don't need the latest and greatest...
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    How to trim down disk space on my SP2 64GB?

    I just introduced myself and now I´m writing my first question :D I got my SP2 64GB really cheap as the stores get rid of their "old gear" though an web outlet. That´s why I haven´t purchased the SP3 or SP2 with larger disk space. I got it for about 60% off the original price. I also got an...
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    My story how I found SP - a lengthy one!

    Hello all! I am from Finland (my nickname is from a character from one of the Highlander movies). Today I got a Surface Pro 2 - the low end one (i5 & 64GB). I got it pretty cheap from a web outlet so I decided to try it out. My story is this (these are just my opinions and experiences of what...

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