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    FL Studio Groove

    If you're into creating your own beats you should check out FL Studio Groove. It's not really my thing but I ended up buying the app which is $4.99, word is it may go up in price, and it's totally worth it and made really well plus it works fairly well on RT too although it will rock on Pro...
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    Lonely in here...starting thread. XPS 12

    I don't expect much activity here considering it's a Surface site but I have the XPS 12, it's a pretty good hybrid especially when loaded like mine but the fan noise is ridiculous. Even at idle the fan is constant. This is my new work laptop, tried to get the Surface Pro but we're a Dell shop.
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    Contre Jour

    Here's a pretty good game. I have it on my phone but it's free for Windows 8 and it is an HTML5 game you play in your browser. It also supports multi touch, give it a go. Contre Jour
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    Flash Whitelist Editor Tool

    For those that don't want to get into the nitty gritty of editing the whitelist someone has come up with a tool. I've made a request to have the tool (it's actually a script) to also make a backup of the file so that it can be easily applied in case of Surface reset. Windows RT Flash Player...
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    Wireless N Performance

    On my old router I had wireless N configured but it only had 2.6Ghz spectrum, I was getting around 7-8 Mb/s transfers to my home server whether I used my Surface or my W7 laptop with a draft N spec NIC. My router died so I replaced it with an ASUS RT-66U which has had great reviews for wireless...
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    ePub Reader

    In one of these threads someone was looking for an ePub reader. I haven't used it but there's a new app released called Liberty Book Reader that says you can import ePub and FB2 books.
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    The Inability to Use "Enter"

    Is there a way that this forum could address the inability to use the "Enter" key with our Surface Tablets? It's a royal PITA not having it, also a Surface forum should be Surface friendly me thinks. ...Thanks.
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    Gunstringer on Sale

    Xbox Live game Gunstringer is on sale for $1.49 for limited time. The Gunstringer app for Windows in the Windows Store
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    My Country

    For you Sim City fans there is the free My Country, looks to be well made and getting very good reviews. My Country app for Windows in the Windows Store
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    Surface Unresponsive then normal again

    Really odd issue just occurred. I was checking out Netflix and while scrolling it would freeze and eventually quite which I found odd as it's been working well for some time. Usually when Netflix or Hulu Plus act up it's because of some Windows updates needing to be installed. I check for any...
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    Where's My Water

    If anyone is into puzzle games "Where's My Water" is a pretty good one.
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    Xbox controller

    So I have a Xbox controller with a charge cable attached and I plug that into the Surface and it sees it according to device manager. However, when I turned it on my Xbox in the basement turns on, is there a way to not have the Xbox recognize it? It doesn't work at all with the Surface even...
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    Microsoft TapTiles

    If you haven't tried TapTiles you should give it a go, my wife and I are addicted and always competing for top scores. The daily challenges keeps things fresh and the competition up between us also. Highly recommended.
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    On Screen Keyboard Disappears

    I frequent a lot of forums with my Surface and this is the only one where I try to respond to threads but my on screen keyboard just pops up and disappears. Is anyone else having this issue or know a fix? Obviously great thing about the Surface I just flip out the keyboard but would still like...
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    New Surface Owner

    Hello everyone. While in Vegas last week attending the SharePoint conference I decided to pick up a 64GB Surface RT and I love it. My name is Rob and I'm glad I found what seems to be an active forum for Surface.

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