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  1. Vasculata

    Serious BUG in Win 8 Modern Inerface

    :cool2:This AM I spent 2 hrs with tech support trying to get my literature database, EndNote6, to synch wiht its online version. Nothing the EndNote folks tried worked .... EndNote 6 could not c0nnect to the web even though all my other apps do just fine. The EndNote (Thompsen Reuters)...
  2. Vasculata

    Advice to Apple: iPAD PRO with Airboard

    Given how bad MS has been at marketing the Surface is Tom Cox chance to ressurrect Steve Jobs: iPAD PRO with Airboard The PRO is a a version of the iPAD that can act as an iPAD or as a touch screen for the new Airboard. The Airboard is a keyboard, a screenless Mac that can use an...
  3. Vasculata

    The Surface wars .. Win 8 fights with Win 7, users loose. PLEASE MS .. fix it!

    So .. I bought an RT and was pretty happy ... until Google and MS wnet to war and now the RT is pretty useless for gMail. Until then I was fairly happy working in the Win 8 environment. Tehn MS was great to me and allowed me to upgrade to a PRO. Since I already use a Win 8 largely in...
  4. Vasculata

    Attaching the pen ... problem solved!

    The way the pen/stylus attaches to the PRO is now .. at least for me solved. This eBAY vendor sells very thin magnates ... 2mm square and about .5mm thin. They cost $4.25. Set of 6 Neodymium RARE Earth Magnets Square Small Thin | eBay I glued three of these to the side of the magnetic...
  5. Vasculata

    Has Googler cut off the surface?

    I got a strange pop up today from the Mail app .. saying I needed to log into gmail! Thinking this was a phish, I called the MS store. They tell me that gmail calendar and contacts can no longer synch with the Win 8 environement. This is a bummer! Maybe a Surface kiss of death! A lot of Win...
  6. Vasculata

    Text Maccroes for Surface RT?

    Has nayone found a simple tool to generate text macroes ... aka explan d text ... on an RT? It seems sad that I need to input my email address rather than pressing some control key combo.:omg::disappointed:
  7. Vasculata

    OneNote for SURFACE does not work on SURFACE

    A major reason for buying a surface for me is for note taking. OK!!! ONENOTE .... except it is close to useless in the RT version ... ONENOTE can nto take ink notes!!!!!!!!!!! This is dumb and insulting to users. Oddly a version of ONENOTE 2103 DOES come wi the SURFACE ... except...

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