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    Surface Book - Which Model?

    after some thoughts, I decided to hold on the SP3 for a little longer..... and bought a new SP4 keyboard and 200GB microSD card as an update
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    Windows Update stuck at 25%

    I got stucked at 83%, tried to remove the SD card, no luck for me
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    Surface Book - Which Model?

    Guys, I have been using SP3 for the fast 2 years and considering upgrading to Surface Book. I don't really need the CPU power and high capacity hard drive. So I am considering the i5/128GB and the i5/256GB (with iGUP) model. My question is whether the independent graphic card worth the extra...
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    Router for Surface Pro 3

    Guys, I am in the market for a new router and hoping someone can recommend some routers which can establish fast and stable connection (at a sensible price) with my other network devices, mainly the NAS. Also, what is maximum supported speed with the SP3? I cannot find that info on MS website...
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    Problems with Bluetooth mouse

    I had the same issue, my wifi is only 2.4GHz and I don't really need faster wifi, so replacing the router is out of the question. What I did instead to work round the problem is to set the SP3 bluetooth visible. I know this is not the idea setting, but it allows the keyboard and mouse works...
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    Support for 2560 x 1080 resolution

    I am planning to upgrade my surface rt to surface 2, and I would like to know whether surface 2 supports hdmi output to a 16:9 monitor which can handle 2560 x 1080 resolution input? Surface rt only support hemi output up to 1080P..... thanks a lot

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