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  1. jztimmons

    Pair Surface Pro to iPhone

    Surface Pro 4 , Windows 10 Insider build 17133 iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6 Hello, I really want to check out Dynamic Lock, but I'm having trouble pairing my surface to my iphone. I can get all the way to having them see each other and present the numeric codes. I click pair button on the Surface, it...
  2. jztimmons

    Just bought my SP4! What are your favourite apps?

    Hey guys. Looking for casual discussion on your favorite Metro/Modern apps (touch friendly)? What are your must haves? I see engadget and cnet articles, etc, but they're not really very useful. Trust you all more.
  3. jztimmons

    Solved Newbie Purchase Question i5 128 vs i5 256

    Hello all. Going to purchase SP4 this week. I am trying to decide on the 4/128 ($899 currently) vs. the 8/256 ($1199 currently). I am trying to decide if the difference is worth the $300 price increase. My usage is generally this: MS Office with Project and Visio SQL Server Mgmt Studio light...

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