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    If you were starting over...

    If your Surface Pro suddenly turned back into the wad of money that you paid for it, what would you do? Would you run out and buy a new one? Buy something else? Stick the money in your pocket and wait until the Surface Pro 2 comes out? Buy a MacBook Air? Other?
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    Surface Pro Performance?

    I've seem many comments about how snappy the Surface Pro is, so I wonder why I'm not impressed. My official work computer is a 2 year old Dell laptop (no frills, i5 processor) and it seems much snappier than the SP, which lags an extra second on many operations. The SP seems like it's always...
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    Managing two Microsoft accounts

    So...I got a Surface Pro and went through the set up, entering one email address. Then, after the Office 365 trial ended, I "subscribed" to Office 365--but with a different email address. I didn't realize what I had created a problem until I decided to access Office 365 from the web interface...
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    Encryption? Security?

    Hi all, Coming from the iPad world, I never had to worry much about securing data because 1) although the iPad had access to various cloud services, it didn't hold much data locally, and 2) I could wipe it remotely if it got lost. Now, with the much more functional Surface Pro, I can (and...
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    Bum Pro?

    Has anyone had problems with your SPro getting stuck at the security boot bios screen? If I leave mine on overnight, I usually find it has crashed (I assume) and booted to the security boot screen and I've got to restart it over and over until finally it boots up like it should have to begin...

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