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    Write to Type, purpose?

    I really don't see a practical use for write to type feature. Does anyone here use the feature outside of boredom?
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    Virtual keyboard and icons

    Is clicking the virtual keyboard suppose to move your desktop icons and then not put them back? This is really strange and annoying.
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    Keyboard in desktop mode/ customize windows key

    Is there a option to use virtual keyboard automatically in desktop mode instead of clicking the icon at the bottom everytime. It is just a little annoying jumping from programs that pull up keyboard automatically and then having to click it. Also does anyone know if you can edit what the...
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    USB Port awkward tightness.

    I fumbled with putting a flash drive in my Surface Pro for a few minutes trying not to break something before I got it in the first time. It is slightly looser now but still could attach a string the the usb and swing the surrface around without a fear of it coming out. Anyone else have this?
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    Thunderbolt cable

    I fail to understand why the Surface Pro has a Mini Display Port instead of just an HDMI. I have read many of other members theories but they seem just that. That being said does a thunderbolt cable work on the Surface Pro? I plugged mine into my Alienware from my Surface and couldn't get...

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