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    How to force Surface to start-up in Tablet Mode ?

    Good morning, My Surface starts-up in Desktop mode. How do I force it to fire-up in Tablet mode ? Thanks !
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    Touch capability top side damaged

    The top half inch of my Surface Go screen does not respond to touch anymore. Is a repair of the screen even possible? I am also considering buying a new one, but would prefer to wait till the new Surface Go has hit the shelves. Is there a new Go in the pipeline ? And what are the ETA ans Specs
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    Surface in Sick Bay

    Good morning all, My Surface is sick, some symptoms listed below . . . - I seem unable to close a tab in Edge by clicking on the X - Clicking the X when opening File Explorer window results in no action whatsoever. - Swiping down from the top to close a full screen program does not work. -...
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    How not to sync Taskbar position on SurfaceGo ?

    Good morning all, I use my same Microsoft account on my Laptop and SurfaceGo and am also using the sync feature. On the laptop I prefer the taskbar at the bottom (am using a mouse on this device) but on the SurfaceGo I prefer to have it on the right side (I hold the touch pen in my right...
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    HowTo Create shortcut tile to a file on Start menu

    Good morning all, Linking to programs is easy peasy, but how do I create a small tile that links to a txt file ?
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    How to use gestures in Edge

    Good afternoon all, Is it possible to use gestures in Edge ? I installed the Microsoft Mouse Gestures extension, but that seems to be the incorrect approach. Thanks
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    New firmware , but what for ?

    Good morning, My Surface just installed some new firmware. I checked the UpdateHistory but could not find anything. Any suggestions on how to figure out what firmware was installed ? Thanks Duncan
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    One thing I can not get used to . . .

    There is no DELETE key :-( Is there a setting somewhere to fix this bug ? Thanks Duncan
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    Often several tiles look exactly the same :-(

    Good day all, I use my SurfaceGo in tablet mode and often create shortcut / tiles and place those on the tabletmode "desktop" (right name for tablet mode?). But when making more than one small tile for the same domain the all use the same logo and color and therefore there is no way to tell...
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    Change default search on Go in S mode

    Changing the Edge default search engine while not leaving Win 10 S Mode. Can it be done ? I realize one can leave S mode (and never go back without doing a new install), but that is not the way I want to go at the moment. Thanks Duncan
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    Change Go photo file name format

    Good day all, My phone and Go upload the photos I take with these devices to my Onedrive. The phone (and all photos from the past 10 years or so) uses a file name format like IMG_20180920_134314.jpg , but unfortunately the Go uses a format like WIN_20180919_15_26_07_Pro How Do I make the Go...
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    Gestures & shortcuts for Go without physical keyboard

    Good morning all, Where can I find a listing of all gestures and keyboard shortcuts for my Surface Go? I do not have the additional physical keyboard and am hoping there will be many additional gestures and shortcuts that I am not aware of. Thanks Duncan
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    Parts of this site seem abandoned ?!?!

    Hi all, I bought a new Go last week and now am looking for an active community to learn from and to ask questions. Just noticed the latest item in the news section tab is about 4 months old. Am I doing something wrong or are parts of this website indeed abandoned ? Duncan

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