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    Drawings that you have done with your surface

    Great stuff here guys\gals! Has anyone worked with Mischief? There is a free version with limited features but the cool thing is the infinite canvas and the ability to zoom in maintaining brush size. Check it out, pretty much guaranteed to work with SP3 as that's what they test with...
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    Surface 2 Reviews and videos

    These reviews drive me nuts, keep saying that the problem with RT or Surface 2 is that you can't run legacy apps when it's designed that way. I see it as a design perk, I've never had such a simple Windows setup that requires absolutely no backup since everything is cloud sync'd. I could set my...
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    FL Studio Groove

    If you're into creating your own beats you should check out FL Studio Groove. It's not really my thing but I ended up buying the app which is $4.99, word is it may go up in price, and it's totally worth it and made really well plus it works fairly well on RT too although it will rock on Pro...
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    Viruses less harmful on Surface RT?

    You are incorrect that it is not needed, just because you can't get infected it doesn't mean you can't infect others by passing Infected documents around. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Surface 2 to offer more rigid BACKLIT KEYBOARD?!

    I definitely would. I'm happy with my RT as well but if I had to only wait another month and I could get all the new changes for only $100? The Tegra 4 is 5x faster, that's pretty significant. But then again, that's just me. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    VERY Choppy Streaming Video on Surface RT!

    Both my wife and I have a Surface RT and we stream all the time because we cut the chord over a year ago, we also do it at the same time over wireless and neither of us get choppy video. You could try to do a factory refresh and see if that helps, if not you may have a hardware issue. If that's...
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    Surface RT Wifi Issues - This is getting old . . .

    I've had Issues off and on with different firmware installs and when it did occur disabling and re-enabling the wireless adapter or disconnecting reconnecting to the AP fixed the issue. Since 8.1 preview install I haven't had any issues. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Displaying to HDMI?

    Are you running 8.1? My HDMI out no longer works since installing 8.1, if I plug it in my Surface screen goes black and I have to force shutoff. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Micro SD Card Slot Not Working

    I have SanDisk 64GB and it worked in 8 and no issues with 8.1. Now, HDMI is a different story as it doesn't work anymore and it also freezes the Surface with a black screen. Sent from the app for Windows 8
  10. R vs Google services

    Yes, there are frequency options in Outlook Calendar. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    surface update now unusable

    Agree on the updates which are slow to process, but if you're on 8.1 there is no "recustomizing" since your latest app list and start screen setup is sync'd to the cloud. Obviously on full Windows 8.1 you don't get legacy apps reinstalled. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Heavy-Handed Critique of Surface RT

    Let's look at what they are actually called: Mac OSX - Runs legacy applications and now Apps. Mac iOS - Runs Apps Windows 8 - Runs legacy applications and Apps Windows RT - Runs Apps How is it that people are confused with Windows but not Mac? Just because RT has a desktop? Since RT...
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    internet explorer app for ms surface forums.

    Thanks Matt, I didn't even know there was an app, works great! Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    VLC Released for iOS. Will VLC for Windows 8 Modern UI Be Next?

    Looks like it is to be published very soon but not for RT, RT to follow. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    My battery issues started in January and had gotten worse since then and continued after 8.1 was installed. I've been running 8.1 since replacing my RT and have no battery issues at all at the moment.
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    Edit option on highlighted text on RT gone

    If I'm in the modern UI IE I get options for Search, Share and Copy when selecting text. If I select text as I type this I get Search, Share, Cut, Copy and Paste.
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    Today I returned my RT under warranty to the MS store due to the battery not lasting very long (approx. 6 hours) and got a replacement. I logged in to Windows 8 and other then my settings that are stored in the cloud the Start screen was pretty plain. Updated all the Windows Updates and...
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    Question about Surface Reviews (principally, the RT)

    The interesting thing about Surface RT is that it gets widespread negative reviews in the media, and yet if you come to this site or look at the reviews for Surface RT on Amazon or Best Buy it paints a different picture. Most of the reviews from consumers give it 4-5 stars out of 5 which is...
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    That's odd, I didn't have to do anything more than link my account to Outlook RT and I get the calendar items and people showing up as contacts automatically. So far I've not experienced any odd issues with my 8.1 install other than some of the Apps stuttering when swiping items...
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    Installed 8.1 when it became available. First try got all the way to signing in and the screen froze then got the blue screen and unhappy face then the install reverted back to 8 in about 5 mins. I logged in and net to the store and clicked the preview link and gave it another run, looks like...

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