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    Poll Surface Pro 4, a very expensive frustation

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I bought my SP4 at launch and it has been a good little computer. Thinking about getting one for my daughter now. I'm not trying to gloat, but thought others reading should know that not all SP4s are bad.
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    Battery Life and Recharge Time

    2.5-3.25 of use isn't normal. I have Windows Hello and WiFi turned on and get probably around 5+ hours. Right now I watched a 2+ hour movie, played some games, browsed the web using Edge and I have 52% battery remaining. It is estimating 2 hours 19 minutes remaining, although I don't trust...
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    Apps crashing down while opening

    Is anyone having issues with apps crashing while opening? When I first bought the Surface, the USA Today would crash when I opened it up. I ended up deleting that app, and haven't downloaded it since. Today, the Facebook app started shutting down while opening. I deleted the app, restarted...
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    Expired Rented Movies not deleting

    How do you delete expired rented movies from the Movies & TV app in Windows 10? Anyone else having the same issue not being able to delete these?
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    Screen uniformity

    I don't notice anything on mine.
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    OneNote, 2 versions, 1 pen

    Microsoft should just let the eraser button map to whatever app the user wants. You would think this would be an easy fix for Microsoft.
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    Surface Pro 4 top issues

    I was having the following issues when I first bought the SP4: Battery draining fast Battery drain during sleep Display driver crash (occasionally) Screen flickering (once) About a week into this, I reset my SP4. I'd say after the reset and current updates applied to my SP4, all of these...
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    Did you get the new update yet? (11/13/2015)

    Microsoft is rolling out their new update today. Let us know if you got it yet, and your early thoughts on it.
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    Color of your SP4 typecover

    I had considered going with blue, but ended up going with black.
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    Skype on the SP4

    I just downloaded the Skype app a couple of days ago, but haven't used it to Skype anyone yet. For those that are already using Skype, I have a couple of questions: How do you remove Skype from the taskbar when signed out? I would like to have the icon on the taskbar when signed in, but not...
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    Customer Service unacceptable

    I had an issue where I rented a movie and downloaded it to watch on the plane. When I went to watch the movie it said it wasn't downloaded. I later downloaded the movie again, and was hoping to watch the movie on plane back. This time it said the movie had expired. I tried calling as well as...
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    New SP4 Firmware update 11/2 aslo for the Surface Book too.

    I just installed the update, and the screen tint changes have stopped. I love this computer, and the fix makes it that much sweeter.

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