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    The HP forum needs a post

    Yes, I have a Sony Vaio Duo 13 (a great device) and there is no section it would fit in.
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    OSX on surface pro mountian lion

    Defile such beautiful hardware with MacOS??? (sorry, I just couldn't resist :p)
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    Control Surface RT from a phone?

    I know there are lots of apps used to control a "full" Windows PC from the Surface RT. But what about controlling RT from a phone (I have both Windows phone 8 and Android)? When I hook the Surface RT to a TV it would be nice to be able to use a phone as keyboard/mouse.
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    Surface Pro 128GB -- Early reactions . . .

    I am in the same boat as you guys --- but fortunately I can read Chinese well enough to handle everything directly.
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    Surface Pro Hate

    Obviously it isn't perfect, but still the best you can get right now. The only reason I got the RT is battery life. Besides, I already have a relatively new laptop.
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    Few questions before purchasing Surface RT

    Of course that makes no difference. I had set up 5 different keyboards (including Traditional and Simplified Chinese) on my Windows 8 laptop and after setting up the Surface with the same user account all language settings have been transferred and everything works exactly the same as on the...
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    slightly disappointed

    Same here --- I would have preferred the blue touch cover. But not enough to get the 32GB instead. And not enough to buy an extra one at that price.
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    Make IE run in the background?

    Is there a way to make IE run in the background (other than running in split screen mode)? It stops running when you skip to another full screen program. So when I play music on Pandora it stops when I switch to another program or the screen goes dark for screen timeout. Same with videos. During...
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    Will the Surface run Strong VPN?

    I use ibVPN instead of StrongVPN but it is the same. You can enter a number of presets to connect to PPTP, L2TP, or SSTP servers and then start and stop them manually. At this time there is no solution of OpenVPN yet or an app -- as far as I know.
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    HD Video cable - drops video / audio

    Which is kind of strange --- I thought the 1366x768 was just to support the snap feature? Displaying one program at a time should still work? Does on my laptop with Win 8 Pro and 1280x800.
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    [Poll] If You Bought the Surface, What Continent Are You In?

    In Asia, Taiwan. But I bought the Surface in Hong Kong.
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    Argh! So Disappointed With This Tablet

    And regular VPN using PPTP and SSTP protocols works just fine for me. Just like in Android, you set up a direct connection to each server and then start or stop them as needed. The Surface Pro will be heavier, doesn't include Office, and has much shorter battery life. Not a good option unless...
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    [Rumor] Microsoft Cuts Target Orders for Surface RT Tablets in Half to 2 Million

    Not to mention what those of us overseas have to go through to get our hands on a Surface. I could only get one through our office in Hong Kong, since I didn't want to get it from the US in case I ever need service.
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    VPN connection problems for many apps

    Thanks for trying to help, will have to check when I get back to the Surface. I left all those settings untouched since I could connect easily. I see under Network Properties IPv4 the settings are "obtain an IP address automatically" and "obtain DNS server address automatically"
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    VPN connection problems for many apps

    I set up a number of direct connections to different servers from the "set up a virtual private network" setting (IP addresses, etc all provided by the same service) and then click one to connect as needed.
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    VPN connection problems for many apps

    It is easy enough to connect to a VPN using PPTP or SSTP protocols, and it works well with browser and a number of apps. But a lot of apps display an error message indicating that they think I am not connected to the internet. I never have any problems with the browser, and some apps work after...
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    Windows RT Surface Firewall

    What would the exact syntax be to open a UDP port? I can see how to open a TCP port, only.
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    OPINION: 40 Million Wins for Windows Surface, Phone, and PCs

    iOS and Android tablets at US$ 100-200 will have a place as a second or third device. No way a capable PC tablet could ever be that cheap, and at those prices they are in the impulse buying range already. For the sofa, for the kids, whatever. Just like e-ink devices, at $70.- a lot of people...
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    Playing *.rmvb files?

    Is there any media player that can play rmvb files? RealPlayer Express apparently only gets files from the web, it can't play local files. Or did I just miss that option?
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    OPINION: 40 Million Wins for Windows Surface, Phone, and PCs

    Well, when this "post-PC era" term was coined, Steve Jobs basically meant to say that devices that can perform a full range of computing devices will be replaced by "dumbed down" devices like the ipad -- devices with an extremely simple interface, with only one program on screen at a time, with...

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