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    (Solution) stretched screen games and high resolution desktop

    Hi guys,we've all had this problem in some games when we choose a lower resolution to 1080p,to solve this was easier to change the desktop resolution to 1600 X 900,therefore it is not very nice. The problem is that the resolution 1920 X 1080 keeps your screen scale,need to leave it scaled to...
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    Surface Pro 2 Update firmware 20/01/2014 (GPU 70º)

    Hi friends,i installed the latest upgrade January 2014 and i made some testings and configurations with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I can tell you that my Surface is now colder 70º,i leave it testing and configurations if anyone serves. Testing Firmware 20/01/2014 Stress GPU test:Now 70º...
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    Surface Pro 2 Mod Gaming

    Hello everyone,leave here our surface pro 2 mod for gaming,i hope you like it :) Video Any question here I and sorry for mi english guys i'm spanish. A pleasure to meet you. Greetings.:smile:
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    Hello Everybody!

    Hello everybody!!,I'm Pochowandpoch,hope to bring things in this forum. Sorry for mi english,im spanish guys. Greetings to all.:D

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