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  1. G-man

    Detach sound is so loud!

    I don't believe that CLACK is a system sound, rather the mechanical latches. Not much you can do about that.
  2. G-man

    Sell my SP4 and get a SB?

    Buy it for the same reason I did...I liked it, and I wanted it!;)
  3. G-man

    Rugged Case for Clipboard?

    Does anyone make a rugged case for the Clipboard? I'd love to take into the field with me, but not without protection.
  4. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    Could we get a photo of it inserted in the slot?
  5. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    I always have a full backup...just in case the system craps out on me while away, I just do a restore.
  6. G-man

    SB i7/256/8 slight bulge on the back of tablet from heat?

    I saw one in the Microsoft store with a SHARP dent...from the inside out. How the heck does that happen? It had to have happened at the factory.
  7. G-man

    My DecalGirl skin...

    You the thin like between each key? If that's what you mean, no. Not to mention that would be a nightmare to install.
  8. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    But is the Nifty Drive the right size? The first one I got, made for a Macbook did not even go in far enough to make contact.
  9. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    Well, it's made for a MAC ;) If the slot were spring loaded, they could make a flush one. I wish they would have used the Micro SD like the Surface Pro.
  10. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    I received the new 103A version of this SD converter, and it's just what I wanted. Not perfectly flush, but you need the tab to remove the card. Very happy with this one.
  11. G-man

    My DecalGirl skin...

    Fit was excellent, with very minor alignment issues.
  12. G-man

    Surface PRO 2 replacement screen

    Just google it. Many options. Touch Screen Digitizer Surface Pro 2 | But replacing it is a real pain!
  13. G-man

    A month with the Surface Book

    Thanks, ordered myself one last week.
  14. G-man

    A month with the Surface Book

    Let's see that Decal Girl skin!
  15. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    What ever you do, do not order this one. It does NOT insert far enough to reach the contacts. Misses it by a long shot. I am going to try this one...
  16. G-man

    Official I received my Surface Book

    I walked in to a MS Store in PA last weekend, and walked out with the i7 512g model. Love it!
  17. G-man

    SD card only goes in half way

    This one looks pretty cool.
  18. G-man

    Sleeve, case, bag for Surface Book recommendations

    I just picked one of these up also. Nice padding, snug fit bot not enough you have to scratch it with the zipper to get in. Pen can stay attached, but I prefer to remove it, as if it comes off in the pouch, it could really scratch things out. PKG - STUFF Laptop Sleeve - Dark Gray
  19. G-man

    Bitlocker - how do I remove it?

    Not for me, Acronis TrueImage 2015/2016 has been working flawless. Saved my butt many times. Only issue is the Bitlocker thingy, which I have removed. Using their corporate solution for servers, and am happy with that also.
  20. G-man

    Bitlocker - how do I remove it?

    Well, the only way to decrypt the drive was to enable it, then disable it. Now cannot figure out why Acronis True Image cannot see any hard drives when I use the boot media. Oh the FIRST day of ownership :-)

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