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    Surface Dock - no USB with new Surface Go

    Hi all. Long story short:my Surface Pro 3 finally died a battery death, so I picked up a Surface Go (1) to hold me over until the Pro 8 comes out. When I plug the Surface Dock (1) cable into the Go, it powers it and drives the two attached monitors fine, but doesn't register the USB devices for...
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    Solved SP3 - Orientation is locked

    Hi all. For about the last 10 days my SP3 has been unwilling to auto-rotate, and I've exhausted my web searching skills. Things I have eliminated/tried: Rotation Lock is not on Every conceivable option in the Display Settings area (to be clear, I can manually set portrait/landscape...
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    Anniversary update No Multitouch after resume from sleep

    Hi there. I updated my SP3 (with upgraded Type Cover 4) to the Anniversary Update, and nearly everything is good. An issue I have noted is that now when I resume from sleep, no multi-touch trackpad gestures work : no two-finger-tap for right-click, no two-finger scroll, no pinch-zoom. If I log...
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    Solved Periods of being very unresponsive -Two finger scroll to blame?

    Hi, in the last few days my SP3 has had quite a few bouts of extreme unresponsiveness. When it occurs the touchpad lags by 3-10 seconds, and screen touch is also conked out. It tends to start in chrome or firefox (but that's also where I spend a lot of time so may not be meaningful), and it...
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    Solved What is Transmemory?

    Just browsing the settings>privacy area, and I see under 'Other Devices' that there is a setting for 'Let Apps use my TransMemory' -which is enabled by default. I don't seem to be able to find any reference to this anywhere -does anyone know what it does?
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    Solved SP3 continuum when in dock

    I'm very happy with the automatic continuum behaviour when attaching /detaching the type cover, or flipping it behind for quick tablet use. Very well executed. However when I put it in the surface dock, it remains in tablet mode unless I attach the type cover (which I don't want to use as I...
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    Solved SP3 DisplayPort after Windows 10 update

    My update to W10 appeared to have gone well until I got home and put my SP3 in the dock. It had previously been working fine with my 2x Dell 2414 monitors daisychained. On first connecting after the upgrade, only the first monitor worked. I tried a reboot, and after that it will not display...
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    Solved Screen orientation is locked

    Last night my SP3 (Purchased last July, on 8.1 with all current updates) has become unable to change orientation while logged in (exactly what thejoker1993 reported here) The accelerometer sensor is working well enough that when rotated the screen does its little shrink/jiggle/grow exercise...
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    Problem with USB ADC -HRT Linestreamer+

    Hi all. I've got a problem trying to record audio on my SP3 I5/8GB/256GB -as is at least one other person over here : Audacity Forum View topic - monitor/recording freezes immediately I'm using Audacity 2.0.6 with an HRT linestreamer+, which is detected fine by Windows as an 'Audio Endpoint'...
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    Unable to log into Windows - Number of connections limited

    Four times in the last week I've woken my SP3 to find that I was unable to log in, and even standard shutdown or reboot failed to render any improvement. On three of these occasions (first, second and fourth), I had in yellow text on a black background the message 'the number of connections to...
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    MiniDisplayPort out not working on SP3

    So I'm trying to get this SP3 to replace my laptop, hence I want to connect at least one external display. Because I want to use my monitor's full 2560x1440 resolution, a MiniDisplayPort to HDMI won't cut it, so I got a MiniDisplayPort to full size DisplayPort cable. (I checked the PS store for...

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