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    Surface pro 3 external optical drive

    Is there an external optical drive that will work with the surface pro 3? I bought a LG GP50NB40 from Amazon and it worked at first with one USB (installed office), but then when I tried to install the Sims 2, it kept ejecting itself. I eventually got an "overloaded USB port" message. I...
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    Surface Pro 3 Headphones/speakers problem

    I recently discovered an annoying audio problem with my surface. The sound coming out of the speakers works great! However, if I plug in headphones, it still comes out of the speakers. I've tried stopping the audio, then plugging in the headphones, but it still didn't work, even though it...
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    Surface Pro 3 through airport security

    I'm taking my surface pro 3 on a flight for the first time later this week and I have a question regarding airport security. I have a Timbuk2 messenger bag that is tsa friendly via a separate back compartment that folds flat. The back compartment has a sleeve to hold your laptop, and when I...
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    Hard Shell Case for Surface Pro 3

    Do they make a hard case to protect the screen of the surface pro 3 when it's out of its sleeve? I'd still like to use the features of the surface (friction kickstand and magnetic keyboard hinge) but I'd like to protect the surface from drops if it's not in its sleeve. I've seen the urban...
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    Warranty Options for used surface pro 3

    I bought a used Surface Pro 3 on eBay (the i5 256gb version). The surface site says the limited hardware warranty is good until March 9, 2016. This means it is out of the 45 day purchasing period for the Microsoft complete warranty. Are there any options for a similar warranty for this...

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