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  1. graye

    Replacement Security Update

    Microsoft has released a replacement update for 2982791, and is recommending that you uninstall the old version and then let Windows Update install the new replacement version I think I am seeing an improvement to an issue of...
  2. graye

    Did Your SP3 Come with BitLocker Fully Enabled?

    OK, I'm confused... When I got my i7/256 SP3 I had a "little yellow triangle" icon together with the traditional padlock icon overlay for BitLocker. I had assumed that the yellow triangle was because I had not yet run the BitLocker "setup/configuration". I did an "image backup" of my entire...
  3. graye

    Mini Review of Hex Sleeve

    I recently got the "Hex" brand sleeve for my SP3. I really like it... it has the "stiff" kind of nylon on the outside (ballistic nylon?) and a soft fuzzy inner lining. Since it was purpose-built for the SP3, you can imagine that it fits perfectly. There is enough room to fit the SP3 with...
  4. graye

    Acronis Image backup of Surface Pro 3

    I usually do a "virgin" backup of new computers, so I can return them to the "out of box" experience when I pass them on. However, this requires that you preform an image backup before the first boot of the device. So, in case anyone is interested, here is how I did it: 1) Create a bootable...
  5. graye

    Thermal Imaging "map" of i7-based Surface Pro 3

    Below is a "heat map" of my new i7-based Surface Pro 3. The thermal image was taken from the front while installing Microsoft Office. Notice the difference in temperature from the middle and corners.

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