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    Sleep with charger plugged in

    I find that if I close my Surface with the charger plugged in the fans start whirling like crazy. Anyone else have this? Up to date with firmware etc also
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    Surface Book i7 - Edge - Facebook Crash

    Anyone else experiencing crashing on Facebook when scrolling past a video and a chat pop up window is open? I have to keep hitting the standby button to get out of the freeze. Annoying!
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    Screen detatched bug

    Has anyone noticed that when you unplug an external monitor and reboot, the screen thinks it is detached in the taskbar and the login camera does not work? Also happens if you shutdown and leave the power adapter in over night. A reboot or two sorts it out but its a little annoying!
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    Surface Book Mini Display Port Bug

    When connecting my surface book to a 4k monitor it works fine but if I power off, disconnect the book from the screen and then power up, the login camera doesn't work and the taskbar icon says screen is detached. An additional reboot seems to solve the problem (restart not off and then on)...
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    Surface Pro 4 Pen - Photoshop

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any Wacom experience with Photoshop? With a Wacom you can hold control, alt and right click on the pen whilst moving the pen up and down to change the opacity/size of the brush. Does anyone know if you can enable a similar feature with the surface pen? Thanks in...
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    Any 4k monitors that work at 50/60hz with Surface Pro 3 (win 10)?

    Hi all, In the market for a 4k monitor for my Surface Pro 3. I read that the Dell p2715q did work with a workaround in Windows 8 to get full resolution with 50hz - via an intel driver with custom settings, but it no longer works in Windows 10 :( see here: Issues creating custom resolution...

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