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  1. btreece

    Norton FINALLY compatible

    With the Windows 10 Creator's Update, Edge is FINALLY compatible with Norton! I have owned a Surface Pro4 since Oct of 2015 waiting for this! Now I am starting to migrate from Chrome to Edge. Unfortunately, I saved by website passwords in Chrome NOT Norton Vault. Chrome does not make it easy...
  2. btreece

    KB3124262 win10 update? minor/major?

    I can find no information on this update. Patiently waiting for major Intel HD 5## graphics and power balance updates. Does anyone know what this update is about?
  3. btreece

    Pen Customization (Pro 4 pen)

    t seems that Microsoft has finally responded! In Windows 10, within the Surface app, under the pen settings tab, THERE IS NOW PEN CUSTOMIZATION DROP DOWN LISTS FOR THE TOP ERASER BUTTON. Not only that, but the single click, double click & hold down actions can have separate actions customized...
  4. btreece

    Solved Pen Customization 'cuz MS won't do it

    As a new Surface buyer (Surface Pro 4 -- i5 8G 256 lot#1541), I cannot believe how long it has been for veterans of both this website & the Microsoft Community website, to share, ask & wait for a Pen Customization solution from Microsoft. :mad: Ever since the pen came about with the Surface...
  5. btreece

    HowTo Fix Maps App Shows No Roads problem

    For those of you using Microsoft's Maps App, and having the issue that in roads view, no roads are shown, there is now a solution! For computers with Nvidia graphics cards, Microsoft Engineer, Rohan Thakkar posts the following solution... Windows 10 Maps App sometimes does not show the...
  6. btreece

    OneNote, 2 versions, 1 pen

    1) OneNote OEM comes with Surface Pro 4. OneNote is a stand alone version 17.6366.15651.0. a) Is linked with the pen. Top eraser button opens OneNote OEM. b) Cannot be customized, uninstalled or changed, but can only be pinned to the taskbar or start menu. c) Cannot be used with the...
  7. btreece

    SB/SP4 & W10 & Maps App

    On Windows 10 feedback for the Maps App, there have been many reported issues regarding showing the correct location, downloading/updating offline maps and the incorrectness of the maps themselves and how to report them. I have no issues with location, no issues with downloading maps and...
  8. btreece

    SP4 & SB - MS Map = No Streets

    In Microsoft Maps, when you download a map for offline use & turn the road function ON (not satellite), the map DOES NOT show a graphical representation for the roads. The map DOES show the street names (zoomed in - not the issue). When you change the theme colors, the maps do not change...