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    Dock audio problem since last update

    As of the July update I have a problem where on resume from sleep the audio device reverts to the inbuilt speakers instead of going to my monitor through the dock (connected with a mini dp to dp cable). I've tried it with a Pro 3 and Pro 4 dock and two different monitors with the same result...
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    Solved Win 10 activation problem dock/no dock

    So while trying to resolve a problem with the dock USB3 ports operating at USB2 speeds I unintentionally solved a problem I'd had with Win 10 not activating from a clean install after a successful in place upgrade. Can't believe I didn't twig to this earlier but when I did the in place upgrade...
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    Docking Station USB3 ports now at USB2 speed

    I just noticed this this morning that the USB3 ports in my docking station are operating at USB2 speeds since upgrading last week to Win 10. Tried several USB3 devices in all the USB3 ports and the max speed I get is around 35MB/s. Try the same devices in the inbuilt USB3 port and get full USB3...