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    Camera stopped working

    Someone please tell me you have dealt with this before I opened the camera app two weeks ago, gave me an error, and Hello stopped working I haven't had the time to look into it, so today I started Today I opened it the camera app and it said there was no camera I tried a few weeks ago to...
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    A few strange problems. . .Volume button re mapping itself. . . thoughts

    I am wondering if anyone can help with some weird problems about two weeks ago, I went to sign in and Hello wouldn't work, I turned it off and back on. Restart and nothing changed. I checked drivers, checked for updates. Applied all updates, uninstalled driver and reinstalled. Nothing worked. I...
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    Red Indicator light by webcam on constantly

    After I updated recently, I noticed that the red indicator light next to the webcam is staying on all the time. What should I do? Any thoughts to shut it off?
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    C: Drive almost full after update

    I noticed today that after the recent update there is a significant amount of my C: drive used. I used TreeSize to size things up and found almost 8gb in this location C:\Windows\Installer. Can I delete these or what does everyone think?
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    Can anyone explain the different chargers

    I had a SP 3, it had a figure 8 charger(Where you could pull the cable out of the brick), then I got a m3 SP4 and now it just plugs into the wall. I am getting ready to head overseas, can anyone confirm that the i5 and i7 has the figure 8 charger? Thanks
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    Windows 10 Won't keep time

    Does anyone have some thoughts- for the past few days I have noticed my time is about an hour behind. Today I shut off automatic time sync and manually set it. When I went to open a program that syncs data it told me the internal clock was not set correctly. Can anyone give me some ideas on how...
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    Solved Post Update- Start button not working- Turns blue

    I am wondering if anyone has had similar problems and what you did. The other day I updated my surface and then hit the windows key on the keyboard to open a program. Nothing happened, I then touched it, it turned blue but wouldn't open. I tried several more times, restarted and nothing...
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    Help identifying a driver that is causing issues

    Over the last few weeks I have been having some strange things going on with my surface. I wrote here that I was having a blue screen that stated memory management issues I even went to MS store and they just said never seen these issues before, so do a clean install and don't install your...
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    Blue Screen: Memory Management

    I have a surface pro 4, m3, today I was checking e-mail and I got a blue screen that said memory management was the issue for the blue screen. I tried to run a memory diagnostic scan, but it keeps locking up. Just before the blue screen in the logs I see this The driver detected a controller...
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    I have a SP4 thinking of a Surface Book need thoughts!

    I am new around here and would appreciate any thoughts I bought a surface pro 3 back in November. In January it failed with smart cover not being recognized, the black screens, not waking up from sleep and a whole host of other issues. My local Microsoft store replaced it and 4 days later the...

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