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    Delay charge while docked

    Recently my Surface Pro 5 (2017) battery was showing less than 50% capacity (less than 2 hours on battery usage) after just 1 year of use so MSFT gratefully agreed to an exchange and in the process I upgraded to a SP6. The MS tech explained that such battery decline could be the result of...
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    End of surface?

    Has anyone seen the article online from the Sunday Express (posted on October 8, 2017) indicating that Microsoft could scrap their Surface line of devices in just over a year's time? I find this hard to believe. The analyst is Steve Brazier, who is chief executive of the analyst firm Canalys. He...
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    SP4 Pen use in Word

    Is there a work-around to use the pen as a pointer/mouse in Word 2016? It wants to just draw. I understand that MSFT is aware and actively working on a switch for the user to select either draw or mouse, but I do not think it has been issued at this point.
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    After last update touchpad doesn't work?

    Is it just me, but my touch pad does not work. The latest SB update was installed 2 days ago and the touch pad worked before that. My ARC mouse still works and touch is fine.
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    Battery choice

    When the SB is running on battery, is it possible for me to chose to first consume battery from the keyboard battery in order to preserve the clipboard battery if and when I detach the chipboard?
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    No updates since Jan 22 2014

    For some reason, my SP2 is not recording updates (in Windows Update/View your update history). As a result I cannot tell if the SP2 has actually received and installed the important updates. Do any other SP2 owners have this issue as well? I keep thinking I need to refresh the machine...

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