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    Component To HDMI

    I need a cord that will take advantage of component and audio and HDMI on the other end. I then would use adaptor to plug into Surface Pro 2. Any suggestions?
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    Why does Live Video Audio not stop?

    So I'm watching live video and I pull down to close. Video stops BUT audio keeps on playing. Any solution?
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    Is Power Cover valuable?

    Is it similar to the first generation keyboard or the second generation? Is it thicker than the other keyboards? How much more use do you get when both the Surface and Keyboard are charged?
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    Is loose hinge normal?

    In my old Surface 2 the hinge easily went from a solid first and second stage opening. My new Surface Pro 2 has a second stage hinge with a lot of play in the hinge. I wonder if this is normal?
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    Pen Scrolling solutions?

    The pen is wonderful for selecting or highlighting but WHY doesn't the pen allow scrolling up and down?
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    Screen Quality Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2

    I just updated from a Surface 2. I realize the video is suppose to be 1920x1080 on Surface 2 and Pro 2. It is not. The Pro 2 is not as clear. Any suggestions including "You are wrong".
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    Best Buy promotes Jailbreaking

    Before deciding to sell my Surface 2 I went to Best Buy to check out the Pro 2. The sales lady at Best Buy said don't waste your money on the Pro 2 just Jailbreak the Surface 2. She told me the Best Buy techs would tell me how to do it. She did warn that the warranty would be void. Am I...
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    No availabilty because of popularity or problems

    It seems strange that the 256 Surface Pro 2 is unavailable for sale. I thought it Was just Popularity but now I'm starting to believe Microsoft is holding back on supply Because of quality problems with this Surface Pro 2.
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    Tucano Brand Bag or alternative?

    My daughter has one for her iPad and I was wondering if anyone had purchased their brand for the Surface Pro 2? Looking for a good carrying bag that will hold type cover and power supply.
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    Original Type Cover Better

    I have the original type cover from my Surface RT I sold. I was going to purchase the new backlit type cover but it has a terrible feel beside and on the trackpad similar to the rough feel of the touch cover. Why did Microsoft ruin a good type cover? Yes I'm fussy.
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    Why stuck with inferior cameras

    I have decided that my Surface 2 is as limiting as my IPad was. I was planning on a Surface Pro 2 with 256g. But my cameras on the Surface 2 are high quality. Why did Microsoft stick with old technology from the original Surface Pro in the Surface Pro 2?
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    Mail App stupid problem

    I realize I can use Outlook but it is easier to use the Mail App that came with the Surface 2. My problem is the emails in the inbox always delete after a day or so. Can't I make a change so I decide when to delete them?
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    Will Huffpost load with Pro 2

    I own a Surface 2 but it ALWAYS crashes loading Will the Pro 2 load this site without crashing?
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    Volume level has dropped off

    I was surprised that my Surface 2 had great volume level when I purchased it. NOT NOW. 100% setting is not as good as 60% used to be. Any suggestion?
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    Best Map App?

    I have been trying to find an app that provides detailed directions and street view. Is this not possible because of a lack of API?
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    We need new Surpace App Notification

    We all know that Surface Apps are few and far between. I wish there was an updated list of new apps released once a week.
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    15 Second Reset

    So if anyone turns on their Surface and nothing happens hold down the on button for 15 seconds, wait 2 seconds and hit the start button again. It should reset. It has happened to me twice and hopefully I just don't have a dysfunctional Surface 2.
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    Huffington Post overpowers Surface 2

    Would someone try and duplicate my problem. HuffPost has intensive graphics and script and I have found that most times it will not load an article and the comments. It just crashes. If I am lucky to load the complete page the Surface 2 is so underpowered I can't type a comment. Thanks for trying.
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    Screen Saver Problems

    I purchased a screen saver and installed. Problem is the plastic has only one hole for the camera and the the single mic and warning light is covered by the screen protector. Sadly the front speaker is now useless. Any companies make one with the holes cut. YES the RT had 2 mics in front not...
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    No Pop3

    Trying to set up a Surface RT. I now notice that the Surface doesn't support pop3 email. Microsoft can't be this dumb?

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