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    lost cellular management on Surface Pro LTE

    I lost my cellular management on my Surface Pro LTE under network & internet settings, my cellular icon is gone. i pulled my sim card rebooted and reinstalled sim card and nothing came alive. I had the same issue with my surface 3 LTE too, finally gave it to my technician does anyone have...
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    Any Other Surface Pro Forums Out there?

    What is the best way to connect, discuss and solve Surface Pro Issues?? This Forum, Facebook, Twitter? I feel like I am talking to myself :)
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    WHAT...... WAZE GPS Map in store NOT available for Surface Pro??

    OK trying hard to get any GPS map to work with my New Surface Pro LTE. In the MS store the WAZE app says it is not available for this device.. really REALLY? I have turned on Location permissions for Map PLUS but still, no location function, as it can not find my location and clicking the...
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    GPS Mapping Issues: Surface Pro LTE

    I cannot seem to get Google Maps to show location, nor Microsofts Terrible Map Pro. But the basic windows 10 Maps do show my location.. So maybe I need to tweak some configurations, but all other lte G3 Apple or Samsung tablets have had issues showing my Location while driving. Has anyone...
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    New Surface Pro LTE review and issues

    New Surface Pro LTE review and issues 3 weeks later I thought I would report on the pros and Cons this is the i5, 256 gb , 8 gigs of ram and the Qualcomm 885 Always on LTE modem Pros: Very Fast Load :).. 3 seconds to my chrome browser, ( much faster than my i7 7100 with 16 gigs of ram.) LTE...
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    Solved Pen Loss Problem

    I have lost about 10 tablet pens going back to the HP tc110 tablet days. When I picked up my NEW Surface Pro LTE and looked the magnet attachment concept.. I said to myself Well that will NEVER work!! Sure enough, I set a record and Lost my pen in just 22 hours. Now I have solved the Pen Loss...
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    Cant bluetooth connect my new surface pro LTE to ford sync Ford Edge,

    Cant bluetooth connect my new surface pro LTE to ford sync Ford Edge, the crazy thing is that I first bought the 2013 Ford escape with Microsoft Sync, and the problem was it connected to 73 Apple phones/tablets, all Samsung phones/ tablets and every other phone Except my Microsoft's phones and...
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    Where is Surface Pro Advanced LTE Forum

    Where is Surface Pro Advanced LTE Forum?
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    Solved battery charging

    wow 12 hours to charge! whats wrong
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    Surface 3 LTE Mobile Radio not working as well as IPad LTE

    Surface 3 LTE Mobile Radio not working as well as OLD IPad LTE version 2 Wow it is so great to see other lights in this darkness of mobile connections for us road warriors. I really depend on full-time mobile broadband connection. The Surface3 LTE mobile broadband radio appears is not as...
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    Surface 3 playing unwanted music after skype call

    Ok is anyone getting music after ending a skype call? this is happening on my surface 3 tablet Yes I understand any current music would be muted before a call but I don't play any music none the less elevator music.
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    android emulators

    Anyone with experience running android emulators? trying to run solo drone software which is android based
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    any hints on lte radio coming?

    Yes I would upgrade from my surface 3 to a Surface Book or Surface 4 if it had mobile connection for lte or 4g. Am i dreaming here or not?
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    pairing to Ford Sync

    Ok I bought my 2014 Ford Sync because for the Microsoft sync on board. Now today I see Microsoft sync is compatible with 138 apple products from the original iPad which is 5.5 years old. But no Microsoft phones (my Blu) OR tablets like my Surface 3 are listed. Now with 12 MILLION Fords with...
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    No LTE yet .. what a shame

    Any hints on LTE .. I have the surface 3 lte and would consider upgrading if SP4 HAD lte
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    Surface Pen needs battery ..Duh!

    Ok this is a little embarrassing; I grabbed my Surface pen right out the box and have been using it for several weeks. I was very impressed with its performance enough to try and reconfigure it function and then I discoverered it needs a AAAA battery :0 Now we are working .. of course the...
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    Solved Do ANY GPS Apps work?

    OK I knew my favorite GPS MotionX app did not support Windows, but seriously can not believe that I have not found any GPS apps that works on my Surface 3 LTE windows 10 tablet. I even ham having trouble using google maps to track my movements.. What is the issue here?? It is like Windows is a...
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    LTE issues reconnecting Skype

    LTE re-connection issues (SKYPE) My Skype calls are being dropped between some towers and the surface 3 lte does get internet reconnected but Skype continues on being LOCKED. Only solution to date is to restart Skype Having a big problem trying to Restart Skype in tablet mode using my...
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    Need online Keyboard when Keyboard attached

    OK now I understand why I have had trouble with the Tablet mode when I click any input field in edge, skype, chrome the Online keyboard does not popup. I just discovered if I remove the attached keyboard then it does. I need to set the online keyboard to popup even if the keyboard is attached...
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    Surface 3 LTE vrs Ipad 4g guess who wins?

    Well it has been 10 days now of intense testing. You see I have had Ipads with Mobile cards 3G/4G/LTE since the first day they came out. (owned 15 tablets so far) . Now I have the Surface LTE and after 20 hours of setup I am rocking! First of all I am typing on this very functional...

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