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  1. Cothek

    Charge clipboard with base battery

    The clipboard has a pretty short battery life to begin with so when it dies or is almost dead you are stuck using it with the base or with the charge cord attached. It would be great to use it and have the base charge it as the comp sleeps or i flip a toggle to start the base charging it. I...
  2. Cothek

    SP3 Duct 2.0 (Stops thermal throttling!)

    Ever since I found out that the SP3 throttles I knew I wanted to see if I could unlock the full potential of this awesome machine. My original SP3 Duct (found here) was the beginning of that process and after many iterations and trials I've created a duct that at room temp will prevent thermal...
  3. Cothek

    Custom Fan - Get More From Your SP3!

    Newest Version: SP3 Duct 2.0 After many iterations and trials the SP3 Duct is ready to cool your SP3! I have been working over the last couple weeks to make a duct that will work with an off-the-shelf fan that will reduce throttling and help us consumers realize the full power within the SP3...
  4. Cothek

    Custom Fan to Reduce Throttling

    I have been working on a 3D printed fan that will help reduce thermal and power limit throttling. It is powered by usb and can be plugged into the SP3. It simply and clips onto the side of the SP3 and can be used with the dock (I don't have a dock but using pics from the web I made sure it...

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