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  1. Cimmerian

    Updating Nvida Graphics Card Drivers

    You can manually upgrade the driver by simply downloading and installing the driver directly from NVIDIA, I've done it many times. Geforce experience also works, I prefer the standalone driver however. You can download the latest drivers here: Download Drivers | NVIDIA
  2. Cimmerian

    Yellow Screen Discoloration

    My Surface Book 1 also started to bow after about a year and a half, I would always just throw it in my bag, I think a combination of the hing gap and the constant pressure against my back caused it. Luckily I purchased the extended warranty and was able to get it replaced / sell it to buy the...
  3. Cimmerian

    I Made A Mistake (Clean Install)

    After clean installing windows again with the same ISO, then installing Surface firmware and drivers, and then restoring via settings it seems things are fixed. However every time I boot it says something along the lines of "Can't activate camera" and I have to use my password instead of...
  4. Cimmerian

    I Made A Mistake (Clean Install)

    So as of recent my SB2 15” 512GB was having some issues, weird hangs, random performance spike, inconsistent performance, etc. so I decided to reset it comletely. I updated to 1809 a few weeks ago before they pulled it and wanted to stay on 1809 but I also wanted to do a comletely clean...
  5. Cimmerian

    Surface book charger.

    I have tried many off brand Surface chargers in the past and they were all absolutely terrible, plus I was a bit worried 3rd parties weren't complying to MS standards when it came to the Surface connector, it's not a very standard port after all. Luckily the SB2 can now charge via USB C which...
  6. Cimmerian

    Advice on 1440p External

    The dongle supports two 1440p displays at 60hz, two 4k displays would run at 30hz. I believe that the official dock was theoretically supposed to run two 4k displays at 60hz but it has issues doing so, I have never successfully run 2 4k displays from the official dock alone. Really wish...
  7. Cimmerian

    Advice on 1440p External

    This can be done very easily with the Surface Dock, however on the cheapest end you'll have to spend around $80 for a used one on eBay and 140ish brand new. This adapter should work perfectly for your use case costing less than a used Surface Dock and significantly less than a brand new Surface...
  8. Cimmerian

    SB2 low FPS during light gaming when connected to AC

    Do you have some power-saving measures set to enable when you plug in? That's all I can think of, if your slider is on "Best performance" and you're plugged in you really should be fine.
  9. Cimmerian

    SB2: Potential Purchase

    Honestly I don't think you will have a problem with this, nothing should really gather in the base of the unit, or even the top. I never noticed any cooling degradation in my SB 1st gen after using it for 2 years, and my SB2 15" runs even cooler than my last. They are sealed extremely well and...
  10. Cimmerian

    Backpack suggestion

    The Ogio Renegade RSS is by far the best laptop bag I have ever owned, should be a perfect fit for the new Surface Book 2 15" and will obviously fit the smaller one. The laptop pouch is ridged and gives you a piece of mind. The bag is compact / tight but has a surprising amount of room, great...
  11. Cimmerian

    Surface book keyboard detachment woes

    Couldn't you dictate what program uses what GPU in NVIDIA control panel? Forcing something like chrome to only use the integrated CPU graphics regardless of what settings you are using on any given website? NVIDIA Control Panel>Manage 3D settings>Program Settings>Option 2. Select the preferred...
  12. Cimmerian

    Coil Whine SB2 15"

    Thanks for the info, I leave my Book in performance mode at all times. Bit sad this is a problem but it's not a terrible one, I only notice if it is fairly quiet in a room, but I do notice it. My thermals are too good for me to try and exchange if this is just going to be a problem with any...
  13. Cimmerian

    Coil Whine SB2 15"

    I have the SB2 15" and have come to notice electrical noises aka "coil whine" coming from the right of the device (left of the device if the back is facing you). At first I thought it might be my Surface Dock causing the issue but low and behold even when nothing is attached to it, including the...
  14. Cimmerian

    Nvidia drivers

    Not sure about the mixed reality but I use Geforce Experience and it works just fine.
  15. Cimmerian

    SB2 not updating to 1709 and other problems

    Interesting, how'd you fix it? Just let it sit trying to update for a while? I've found it can take a while for updates to even prepare before actually updating, often get stuck on certain percentages for hours at a time. I had assumed you meant it had an error while updating or something...
  16. Cimmerian

    Must-have SB2 acessories?

    Plugable (great brand in my experience) sells several display adapters advertised to work with USB C on the SB2. I believe USB C...
  17. Cimmerian

    SB2 not updating to 1709 and other problems

    If you've already tried resetting it I think it's time for a trip to the nearest MS store, that model should be replaceable in-store.
  18. Cimmerian

    SB2 not updating to 1709 and other problems

    Is it the 15" model? Mine updated to 1709 fine and charges up to 100%, I would first try completely restoring the device and then updating before installing anything else / see if the battery charges up then. Could be a defect but seems more like some weird software bug to me.
  19. Cimmerian

    CPU Throttling on 15 inch Surface Book 2 after 1709?

    Thanks for the advice I've been using Core Temp and AIDA64 in tandem to get my data up until now. Anyways:
  20. Cimmerian

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    May need some optimizing / updates, I saw a user on YouTube with the same drive get abysmal results with the same drive.

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