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    Alarm Clock

    I have prodded in this forum and other places on the web, but could not find assistance. I want to set up the SP3 alarm clock, and have it ring to wake me up in the morning. I have tried with the unit plugged into AC, and on battery power. In both cases, it seems the SP3 is shutting down. I...
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    Restore i5 SP3 image onto i7 SP3

    I gave my son my SP3 i5. Before i did, i made an image using the MS file history/image process. Can I restore this i5 image onto my i7 that i will get any day now?
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    SP3 i7 version shipping to USA

    I have not seen any postings about these units and their initial shipment in the US. Is anyone interested? Anyone preorder, and have gotten a shipping notice ? When will they actually ship ?
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    Connect SP3 to display on iMac (2013 version)

    I continue to search ways to be able to connect my SP3 to display on my iMac screen. I have yet to find a suitable solution. Note that i mentioned iMac 2013 version. Aparently with earlier versions it was much easier. Any Suggestions?

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