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  1. Cimmerian

    I Made A Mistake (Clean Install)

    So as of recent my SB2 15” 512GB was having some issues, weird hangs, random performance spike, inconsistent performance, etc. so I decided to reset it comletely. I updated to 1809 a few weeks ago before they pulled it and wanted to stay on 1809 but I also wanted to do a comletely clean...
  2. Cimmerian

    Coil Whine SB2 15"

    I have the SB2 15" and have come to notice electrical noises aka "coil whine" coming from the right of the device (left of the device if the back is facing you). At first I thought it might be my Surface Dock causing the issue but low and behold even when nothing is attached to it, including the...
  3. Cimmerian

    Surface Book 2 Announced

    Surprised to see no one post this but the Surface Book 2 was announced today, or rather 2 Surface Book 2's. One 15-inch model with 16gb of RAM a quad core i7 and a GTX 1060 (just as I have dreamed) and one 13.5-inch with 16gb of RAM a quad core i7 and a GTX 1050. Check them out: Surface Book...
  4. Cimmerian

    Surface Book 2 Teaser?

    Intel released a short promotional video for it's 8th gen processors about a week ago, whats interesting is that the device being used as an example is what looks to be a "space gray" Surface Book. As we all know there isn't yet a Surface Book with an 8th gen Intel Processor in it, could they...
  5. Cimmerian

    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    Microsoft announced a re-hash of the Surface Book today with a much better GPU, I'll probably get it. Wish I could just buy the base though... Don't want to have to sell my upper half for way less than I bought it for just to get the exact same thing. Buy Surface Book with Performance Base...
  6. Cimmerian

    Clicking Power Button Shutting Down Device

    I installed some updates today and now when I click the power button it shuts down the device opposed to just putting it to sleep like it used to. Have already lost unsaved work due to this... Anyone else having this problem or have had this problem and found a solution? Here's a screen shot...
  7. Cimmerian

    CPU Temp Reaching 100° Celsius

    Shouldn't my CPU be throttling itself before getting to 100° Celsius let alone 90°?
  8. Cimmerian

    Yellow Screen Discoloration

    When my CPU gets hot (above 65°) I experience some pretty serious screen discoloration. I have the 1tb Surface Book with the dGPU and i7. I didn't want to RMA it as I use it extensively for work and college, but two days ago I found out they have an advanced RMA and can send me a new Book before...
  9. Cimmerian

    Any news on 1tb Surface Book?

    Anybody order a 1tb model? If so have you received any sort of date yet? When I ordered mine it said it would ship in 7-8 weeks and its just a handful of days from being 8 weeks later. I thought for sure it would be like all the others models and ship out much sooner than it said, however it...
  10. Cimmerian

    Microsoft Surface Book - 1TB / Intel Core i7 - Just Hit Online Store

    Just ordered one. Anyone else have 3k to throw at this monster?
  11. Cimmerian

    No 1tb Model

    Anybody know why 1tb is plastered all over every page for this device but its not up for pre-order? When I called an actual Microsoft store and asked if they would have the Surface Book with 1tb of storage on launch day they said that wasn't a variant of the device. Anybody?

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