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  1. Tmozer

    When Windows 10 Arrives

    There are probably better places to ask about this, but as I am here........ I have "reserved" the Windows 10 release for my Surface Pro 3, my HP Windows 8.1 laptop and my HP Windows 7 desktop. I have heard that we will have the option of a full fresh install. My understanding of that is that...
  2. Tmozer


    For whatever reason, my SP3 was stuck at the Shutting Down screen for quite a while. Holding down the power button seemed to do nothing. Normally I would have unplugged a PC or pulled the battery from my laptop under similar conditions. No way to do either with the SP3...... Is there some...
  3. Tmozer

    Lightroom on the SP3

    I want to get Lightroom 5 on my SP3. I have purchased several versions (including 4) over the years but they are installed on other computers and I see no way to do an "upgrade" to my SP3. I am considering either doing the $10 a month subscription service from Adobe (if I use Photoshop much...
  4. Tmozer

    Uses for OneNote

    I have had MS OneNote installed on my computers, laptops and even my phone probably since it first became available. Before that I had Evernote installed. Never got around to using either program. At this point in time I am far from my student days and retired from my career. But I still...
  5. Tmozer

    Bluetooth Question

    What is the limit to how many Bluetooth devices can be connected to the SP3 at the same time?
  6. Tmozer

    Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse

    Just purchased and received the above from Amazon. Nice addition to mySP3 and well worth the $20.
  7. Tmozer

    SP3 Bag

    I have been looking around for a bag to carry my SP3 with keyboard. I want something with a handle (strap optional) and pockets to hold accessories, including the charging block and cables. I don't want it too tight. Neoprene would be fine. Leather, cloth, whatever. Black or gray. I was...
  8. Tmozer

    Keyboard Cover Lighted Keys

    I love having a lighted keyboard since much of computer time is in the evening. I am happy that the Keyboard cover for the SP3 is lit. However I am unhappy that the lighted keys go dark after inactivity. I realize that this is to save power, but it would be nice if they stayed on with the SP3...
  9. Tmozer

    First Impressions

    I had a chance to play with my new purchases (SP3 I5 8gigs, black keyboard cover and docking stand) last night. My biggest hurdle is learning Windows 8.1 as a touch system. I have an HP 13" non-touch laptop which I acquired over a year ago with Windows 8.1. But I almost always used it like it...
  10. Tmozer

    Battery Status?

    How do I know when the battery is fully charged?
  11. Tmozer

    Best Deal?

    OK, I am pretty much decided on the I5 with 8 gigs of ram. My two choices for purchase are Amazon or BestBuy. Amazon is 99 cents cheaper with free shipping and no sales tax (at least up front) if I have it shipped to SC or FL. BestBuy is $1199.99, but I have a card for 10% off one item which...
  12. Tmozer

    Screen Protector?

    The Costco bundle of two version of the Surface Pro 3 include a Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Is this really necessary? I thought (or believed) that the screen has gorilla glass.........
  13. Tmozer

    Outdoor Viewing

    How readable is the screen outside in the sunlight? I normally use my Amazon Paperwhite for reading outdoors, but would love to have the functionality of the SP3 when sitting outside......
  14. Tmozer

    Core I5 or Core I7 SP3?

    I do not game. I do do a lot of image editing (Lightroom and Photoshop) and video editing. Will I notice a difference between a Core I5 or a Core I7 both with 8 gigs of ram and 256 gig storage? If the I7 will make any difference and not run significantly hotter, I will pay the extra bucks...
  15. Tmozer

    To Surface Pro 3 (or wait)

    A Microsoft Surface Pro is in my future. But I hesitate for a couple reasons...... Logistically, this would be my first computer/laptop without an optical drive. Sure I could always obtain a USB connected optical drive, but do I really need one? It seems like most software can now be...

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