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    Windows has "Expired" / Surface 3 Won't Start

    I upgraded several months ago from my Surface 3 to the Surface Pro 4, but I donated the S3 to the nonprofit where I work. Now it's come to my attention that when we try to boot it up, it takes us to a screen that says our version of Windows has 'expired' and that we need to use a recovery USB...
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    Rumors of a Surface 4

    Are there any credible rumors of a Surface 4? This one offers speculation without proof.... Microsoft confirms it will stop production of Surface 3 - Surface 4 ahoy?
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    Can I make Google stop nagging me about Chrome!

    Ok sometime in late spring, Google decided that EVERY-FREAKING-TIME I visit YouTube or GMail or Google Voice with the Edge browser, they will **ahem** gently remind me that there's a better browser to use with their products called Chrome, and please won't I consider downloading it?......and...
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    Running Android Apps Without Triggering Fan

    I've stopped using Android apps as much on my Surface Pro 4, because it seems like, as soon as I start up the Android system, within a minute or so, the fan has kicked on. Does anyone know of an Android emulator / program that will not so easily cause the fan to come on?
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    Kindle Problems on Surface Pro 4

    Since getting my Surface Pro 4, I've not been able to get the Kindle app working. It installs but as soon as I try to download one of my books that I've already purchased, I get an error that says something like "Error downloading content." I've tried many times over the past couple of months...
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    More Surface tablets sold online in October than iPad tablets

    It's the first month ever that the number one selling tablet brand sold online was Surface: October, Microsoft took 45% of the online market: Microsoft beats Apple in online tablet sales
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    (Poll) Does Using Browser Other Than Edge Fix Driver Crash

    A number of people have had issues with the Intel Display Driver crashing and then recovering. Many have reported that if they use a browser other than Edge, this is no longer an issue--leading to a belief that the crash is connected, not with the Surface device, but with Win 10 and the new Edge...
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    Color of your SP4 typecover

    Well, we ask it about every other version of the Surface: Which color of type cover did you decide on, and why?
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    Cheaper Docking Station for SP4?

    Loving my Surface Pro 4 but would like to extend its power.... I like what the Surface Docking Station does but it's too expensive ($200). What I need is something that has one mini-display port and two USB ports. Anything less than $200 for that?
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    Will New Surface Pen Work on Surface 3?

    I know nobody has it yet, but speculation is invited: Do you think that the new Surface Pen, with the eraser and the changeable tips, will work on the Surface 3?
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    Honestly the Surface 3 can be an expensive device. I got the 128 gig one, which is $600. Plus $130 for the keyboard, $40 for the pen, which made the initial investment almost $800. However, since then, I added the official docking station for another $130 and a 24 inch HD monitor for $200 and...
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    Onenote Universal App: "Something went wrong"

    This is driving me crazy. Although I can use the Office 2016 version of Onenote, when I try to use the touch-friendly of Onenote, I get the message "Something Went Wrong," and I'm unable to use it. This wouldn't be that big of a deal, except that if I want to use my pen to open Onenote, this...
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    Vertical / Horizontal Scrolling on Win 10 Start Screen

    One of the things I liked on Windows 8 was scrolling left to right on the Start screen. It seems like a natural thing on a landscape-oriented tablet. Now that I've updated my Surface 3 to Win 10, I've noticed the live tiles tend to go up and down and scrolling likewise is up and down rather...
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    Finally a Solid Windows 10 Build for Surface 3

    Ever since putting Windows 10 preview on my Surface 3, I've had a few issues. The biggest one was that any time I used the Edge browser for very long, the video driver would crash and I'd have to reboot. I've been on today's 10162 build for many hours now, with no crashing. Also, everything...
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    Harder to Customize Start Menu / Screen?

    I really like Windows 10 on my Surface 3....but does anyone else think that it's much harder to customize the Start Screen / Menu than it was on Windows 8 and 8.1? I find that if I try moving a tile somewhere, sometimes there seems to be something invisible that knocks other tiles that aren't...
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    Unexpected Benefits

    I was wondering if, once you got your Surface, you disc hovered a benefit that you hadn't even anticipated when you got it. For instance..... I just got my Surface 3, and I thought I knew all the reasons I wanted it. But I've been using it as my main device in my office and a usage began...
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    Should I Trade for a Different Typecover Color

    I got S3 the Typecover from Amazon. I'm still within the period when I can trade it back in for a different one for any reason. I got the blue cover. Any opinions about the best color.....both for "cool" looks and perhaps more importantly, which color will not show dirt as badly?
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    Can I Voice Type?

    One thing I liked about my Amazon Fire tablet was that the keyboard had a little microphone icon that I could tap and then just voice-type my emails or documents. Any way to accomplish that with my Surface 3?:
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    Solution for Auto-Rotate Not Working?

    I've been using beta and "preview" software for years, and I know it's "use at your own risk." I'm perfectly happy right now testing out Windows 10 on my new Surface 3.....and I understand that you have to accept some bugs. With that said, nothing says I can't try to fix bugs as I see them...
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    New Surface 3 Owner in Indiana

    Hi, my name is Rich, and I'm a Surface-a-holic. I just got this thing about a week ago from Amazon. Prior to this, I'd been using an Amazon tablet.... but kept seeing people using this sweet looking Surface Pro device. I could never afford one of those, so when I heard about the Surface 3, I...

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