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    Quick Surface Power Cover Review

    What type of tests did you perform? Heavy or light processor use?
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    Which Surface Would Be Right for My Requirements: Excel, Adobe/Edit, Voice to Text?

    If you are running Dragon, the more RAM the better the performance. So, if your budget allows, go with the 8GB version of Surface Pro.
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    A Little Poll: Are You A Power Cover Person??

    So, did you also get a special USB cable to charge the SP? I could not find out the actual weight of this 26,00mAh battery, what is the weight?
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    A Little Poll: Are You A Power Cover Person??

    I too have a small business and I'm often on the road. I'm always near a main power source and I have an AC power source in my car (I can't justify paying MS's over-priced car-charger), I plan to wait until I have a chance to see how much weight this PC adds to my device. The lack of a backlit...
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    Apple guy reviews Microsoft Surface ("revisited")

    I too came from the iPad and love my SP2. I could find a good podcast app to replace Downcast, but iTunes works. It's buggy and is a resource hog, but I can finally put away my iPad. It had 4G, but my Samsung hotspot resolved that issue too.
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    Looking for PodCast Player that can automatically download and update

    I've tried iTunes and found it too buggy. I have Downcast on my iPad and love it. I'm looking for something equal or better than that application. Any recommendations?:)
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    Microsoft Surface 2 with 4G LTE gets priced, arrives in warehouses

    I have a iPad with 4G LTE and took it with me when I traveled. What a waste having to take a large (iPad) cellular wifi modem around. I just purchased the Samsung Hotspot 4G LTE for $168 ($144 online at T-Mobile). It's on a pre-paid data plan (no-contract) so I only buy data when I need it...
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    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    It looks like they are only offer it in Black. Is that true, or other colors come soon? You photo shows brown, is that just a mock-up? David

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