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    Anybody got notification that their SP4 i7 shipped?

    I received my keyboard w/fingerprint scanner, and a copy of a receipt the Complete care for Surface Nov 19....they charged my bank account for my whole order and are now telling my my SP4 i7 wont ship until Dec 18??? This was all the same order placed on 10/14 with a shipping date of...
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    cd/dvd writer for sp4?

    I went through 3 that said they could work with the "y" cable and using the usb charging port on the power brick...non of them worked like I needed...thy would read but not write, write but not read or just get stuck in an endless loop of starting and stopping but doing nothing. I have had no...
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    SP4 delivery problems

    When I pre ordered my SP4 i7 on 10/6/15 I was told that it would not ship until 11/ order states "in process" which I would assume means that they have received the order and when they become available they will ship them. On the day they announced the SP4 they stated that certain...
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    Surface pro4 going back

    I don't believe anything on this thread was bullying. What I see is someone came on a "Microsoft Surface" thread putting down the product that this thread is meant to discuss and help troubleshoot. Many posted asking for a list of issues in order to possibly help the OP to have a better...
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    SP4 Type Cover arrived - does not work with SP3 Docking Station

    Received the SP4 type cover/fingerprint reader this morning, currently using it attached to my SP3. It feels amazing. The spacing between the keys allows for a better typing experience, the board itself seems a lot more sturdy. Fingerprint reader very responsive and easy to set up. fold...
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    Complaint about quality

    I originally bought a Surface 2 RT LTE 64 GB for myself and Surface 2 RT 32 GB for my daughter. A year ago I upgraded my daughter to the SP3 i5 256 GB and myself to the SP3 i7 256 GB. My husband now uses my old RT and I gave my sister my daughters old RT. All of these machines are still in...
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    Complete for the 4

    I just pre ordered my SP4 the other day and before checking out it asked if I wanted to add accessories and the such...I chose the keyboard w/fingerprint reader and Microsoft Complete. This was on the Microsoft Store Official Site. Christi
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    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    I pre-ordered I7/16/512, also the keyboard with the fingerprint reader. since that will be interchangable between the SP3 and SP4. Christi Surface 2 RT (64g) Surface Pro 3 (i7/8GB RAM/256GB) Windows 10 Pro
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    9/15 update apps crashing

    Despite others having issues with things like the mail app since the launch of Windows 10 I was one of the lucky ones that didn't seem to have any problems. that is until the update on 9/15. I am not sure why but since that update intalled, my mail app opens, freezes and shuts down before I...
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    recovery disk/drive question

    I have moved my recovery drive to a thumb drive. Same thing I did when I was running 8.1. The difference is that when I did it running 8.1 the hard drive space recovered after moving the recovery was added back to my C drive. In 10 it seems to have created a 5gb partition labled F...
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    happy with windows 10

    The upgrade process was a bit of a pain on both of my SP3's. Once I got past that, My daughter and I are loving W10. The first couple of days we were just getting used to it. There were a few bugs here and there but for the most part it has impressed me. My daughter perfers to uise tablet...
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    Do You Really Use Cortana?

    I use Cortana for setting reminders, keeping track of and updating calendar appointments, starting and stopping music while I'm working, local and web searches, tracking my news interests, and quick answers to questions....I was using Cortana on my phone for a while now and having her on my...
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    Windows 10 default save location

    Hello All!!! I finally got Windows 10 installed earlier today, and I have been playing with it ever since. I will start by saying that I am loving this OS....(FYI I am on Surface Pro 3/i7/8g Ram/256g running Windows 10 Pro) While checking out settings and getting everything personalized and...
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    Official Windows 10, post upgrade discussions and problems

    i am one of the many who keeps getting the failed install... i have tried all of the troubleshooting and still no success. i was looking forward to learning my way around before i get back to work since i do my work on my surface pro 3 but i guess that is not going to happen. I am up 18 failed...
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    Surface 2 to Surface 3??

    Anyone hear anything about the possibility of trading in the Surface 2 for the Surface 3?? I bought my daughter the Surface 2 over the Surface Pro because she needed the 4g lte capability.... She wanted the pen and the full Windows but the 4glte was more important..... now the Surface 3 will...
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    Portable document scanner that works with 8.1 rt???

    Thank you all for the responses. I will check them out.
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    Portable document scanner that works with 8.1 rt???

    Just wondering if any of you out there have come across a stand alone portable document scanner that works with Surface 2 rt? I have looked at the compatibility center and I see barcode scanners but not document scanners. It would make my life a lot easier to if I could find one. Thanks in...
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    Old/new user here

    Hi all! I used your forum for research before buying my Surface 2 64g 4glte (non pro) about 7 months ago...absolutely love it btw!!! You guys were very helpful, most of the questions I had were already asked and answered on this forum and assisted me on making my decision to buy. I have a...
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    Backup Drive

    I have a Seagate 1tb expansion drive. USB connection. I use it for music, movies and as a back up location for my Surface 2, and my Surface Pro 3. Have had no problems and it fits in the pocket of my travel sleeve.

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