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    Macbook Air 2020

    Will give SL3 a serious run for its money. i5, 8gb, 512gb, 2 Thunderbolt etc is only £30 more than SL3 with i5, 8gb, 256gb and no Thunderbolt.
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    SF3 Charging from 24v DC

    I am using my SF3 on a boat and want to charge from 24v DC. I can get a DC-DC 5A converter and adjust the output to 15v DC and adapt a standard 5A USB C cable to connect to SF3. Basically chopping off the USB A plug and connecting the + and - wires to the converter output. Will this work??
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    Charging Indicator

    Bit surprised how simple the charging indicator is on the Connect plug. Just a steady white LED. Would have though that Microsoft could have invested a couple of cents and had a red/green led?? Or at least flashing white while charging and then steady when full??
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    Time for a Surface Laptop 3 Sub Forum

    Title says it all, please??

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