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  1. Alex_SP3

    Replacement SP3 Crashing

    I can't believe this. Dropped my SP3, sent it in, got replacement. So far so good. It keeps crashing. All of a sudden everything stops. I am doing another reset now. It is kind of funny because it starts out with a nice startup screen and everything is working, I see some new things, then the...
  2. Alex_SP3

    Solved Dropped and killed my SP3

    It turns on but cannot use screen. Glass is cracked in corner and goes diagonally up to other side. It seems that the original warranty does not cover this. I bought it in April of 2015. When I get a new Surface, can I transfer Office 365 to the new one as well as One Drive and any purchased...
  3. Alex_SP3

    On Screen Keyboard in Word 2016

    Is there a way to use the pop up on screen keyboard in tablet mode in Word 2016? It works in Excel 2016 but I cannot figure out how to get it to work in Word. TIA! Never mind. It is working now.....
  4. Alex_SP3

    2 IE's?

    OK I am not up to speed with the "lingo", however, why is there 2 IE's on my SP3? One in desktop mode and the other in "metro" (I guess that is what you call it if you invoke it from the Start Screen) The metro one does not display my modem's traffic screen as well as the desktop IE. The...
  5. Alex_SP3

    Print Screen - Really annoying

    I have NEVER been able to do a Print Screen using the windows + volume down the first time. It takes several times before it finally does it. I even have screen prints with the volume bar in them. This is without a keyboard. Am I the ONLY ONE? What's the scoop? AAARRRGGG!
  6. Alex_SP3

    Save emails to OneDrive?

    Is there anyway to save emails from Outlook to OneDrive? You can copy but only to another Outlook folder, as far as I can tell.
  7. Alex_SP3

    $10.00 Microsoft Store coupon

    You get a $10.00 coupon when you get a 1 year Office 365 subscription.
  8. Alex_SP3

    Office 2007

    I have done a search for this and did not come up with much, so, I will ask: Anybody installed Office 2007 on an SP3? I have the Office Professional 2007 installation CD that I bought for my Vista laptop and am thinking about installing it on my SP3. Mainly want information regarding any...
  9. Alex_SP3

    Norton Security

    Has anyone installed Norton Security on the SP3? I had it on my Vista laptop and it messed it up to where it would not boot. I had to do a restore and get rid of Norton. The only functionality that I want is the Contacts backup. I have my contacts backed up from my iPad and want to restore...
  10. Alex_SP3

    Typical monthly update data usage

    What is the typical monthly OS update data usage? Also, can you turn off automatic updates? Also, I am getting a new SP3 i5 256, so, what am I looking at as far as data usage for catching up with the updates? TIA!
  11. Alex_SP3

    I have returned to Microsoft Land!

    I just ordered an SP3 256G i5 from Amazon. It should arrive next week by Friday. I had one in my cart and all of a sudden it was gone! The listing said it would be in stock on Wednesday and said Order Now. I figured I could wait a few days. Nope, sold out. Once I found another one, I bought it...

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