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    Microsoft’s aggressive tablet strategy might finally pay off

    I've been asked by our group many times over the last couple years to run a star wars campaign. So this year for christmas i'm giving out hardcopies of the SW5E handbook to our group, and thought i'd take a few months to get familiar with the system, and look into what platform we might want to...
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    Surface Go for Modern Web Development? Battery Life?

    I'm trying to make a version control website with nicely rendered syntax highlighting when files are viewed on the web, but my users keep downloading the HTML that renders the syntax highlighting instead of the raw files. How do I make right-click -> "save as" do what you would expect...
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    Telstra Outage?

    Hi Folks, I've noticed that there do not appear to be any Telstra mobile data connections available in Brisbane at the moment, and I'm starting to hear noises about an outage affecting mobile data / DSL / DNS, etc. Is anyone else experiencing issues with Telstra today?
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    New to the forum

    Hello. I am new here.
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    Mouse cursor disappears and re-appears in the recording video

    ok, I will do that. and let you know.
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    Mouse cursor disappears and re-appears in the recording video

    Hi everybody, I've done a lot of screen recordings this week and in some of them the mouse cursor disappears and re-appears randomly. Do I have to record the videos again or is there an option to fix that? How can I prevent Camtasia from doing that? Thanks for your help. Please tell me if you...

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