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    Do you see having more than one charger a waste of money?

    Battery should be good enough so that you don't need multiple chargers...
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    Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?

    See, here's the thing: not everyone can type 120 words per minute. I'd say the majority of users type waaaayyyy slower than that. I suppose with practise anything's possible, but give an SP3 and the type cover to the average user that doesn't have 1000's of posts on an SP3 forum, and knows...
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    Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?

    Pretty sure the majority of people on this site would agree with you, but you gotta realize within the scope of windows laptops/convertables/etc, you're in the extreme minority. From a different perspective, I doubt there's many people out there that can type faster and more accurately on an...
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    Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?

    Are you in the maths or sciences If you are, the SP3 could be useful for note-taking. If you're in the arts, you're much better off taking notes with your laptop. Do you write a lot of papers/essays? Then keep the Dell, as the keyboard experience is much better. The typecover is decent, but...
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    256GB SP3's on woot

    Just find a student in your family and get him/her to buy it with you and get the 10% education discount - $100-200 depending on what version you buy - applies to everything, even type cover.
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    Why Do Most Windows-Based PCs/Laptops/Ultrabooks Suck? Why Surface Exists:

    Uh.. battery life cannot be overcome by the SP3. A MacBook Air will always run circles around an SP3 as far as battery life goes. ~ 54mWh on the MBA compared to 48mWh on an SP3, and with a non-touch screen with mediocre resolution to boot, means that the SP3 will never be able to keep pace.
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    Where does SP3 rank in your Top 3 favourite tech/gadgets?

    1. Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 2. Blackberry Passport 3. Dell XPS 13
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    Defect on my new SP3

    It's normal... but it shouldn't be on a $1000+ machine. That should be lined up perfectly - you can already see in OP's pics how there's a slight chip in the plastic which wouldn't have occurred if it was flush. If you have a MS store near you OP, return it - you'll get a new SP3 on site - I...
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    those of you who had the SP3 for over 6 months

    Wouldn't say it feels too small - after using other displays, including an old 10.6 inch RT and my 27 inch in my office, if anything, the SP3 display felt a bit too vertical, if that makes sense. It already has the 3:2, and it kinda feels like it needs to be a bit wider to have the best of both...
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    Solved Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Trackpad Quit Working

    First one I had stopped working after a month - took it in to the MS store, couldn't figure it out, got a replacement which worked... for another 2 months, then stopped working. Did the above workarounds, took it in again, turned out there was something wrong with the SP3 itself, as it wouldn't...
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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    That's because the Envy X2 comes in 13.3 and 15.6 inch sizes - obviously it'll be a bit heavier. I also failed to mention it has a superior trackpad, key travel, materials used (leather), and that it's magnetic, not just at the base, but so it stays shut when closed. Oh and it's got a better...
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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    It's not unique, actually. Decent amount of copycats out there now - just go to Best Buy and check out the HP Envy X2, which pretty much has a carbon copy of the typecover. And that's kind of an issue I'm seeing lately with Windows users - whereas like Apple users, they're oblivious to what...
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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    You can't seriously compare the Lenovo and SP3 ad budgets... How many millions were spent on the NFL deal? Or that holiday song that looped constantly over the holidays? Totally different tiers of promotion - if anything, Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro got some scraps after the fact. And again, your...
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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    I don't buy the quality statement - that's bs, it's all about keeping it thin and light, as that's what the Apple crowd that MS is trying to woo away, cares about. Second part of your statement is totally subjective. My core m Dell Venue 11 Pro has an amazing mechanical keyboard dock - does it...
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    Windows Update Issues

    Try accessing updates from the desktop control panel - find downloading and installing them from there seems to work most of the time for me, while when I go through the modern UI updates screens, I always have issues.
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    Are people exaggerating loud fan noise?

    It seems to have gotten better over time - but it was pretty bad for me in August/Sept when I first got it and it was installing updates - easily heard from across a small room.
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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    What would be nice, is that if the new dock was actually a quality keyboard that had all the bells and whistles of the current dock. Can keep selling the mediocre typecovers that way, while offering less clutter and more functionality in a legitimate, laptop keyboard typing experience.
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    Well, this is enought, no more Surfaces for me.

    I could see people's financial situations playing a role in standards regarding QA as well - if you're fairly well off, and can afford to purchase a top of the line i7 SP3 with pocket change, you probably wouldn't care as much if there are minor issues - while if you're someone that has to...
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    Well, this is enought, no more Surfaces for me.

    That's bleeding... unless you have like 2 potlights or flashlights shining on your screen. Not a huge deal if you never watch movies or use dark backgrounds or game, but if that were my screen, id have taken it back day one. Just goes to show how users have different perceptions regarding QA-...
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    Well, this is enought, no more Surfaces for me.

    After going through 5 in 3ish months, I was able to get a full refund on my last SP3 at a MS store after explaining my case. And not to stereotype, but I found the younger workers at the store were way more understanding, and the few older workers there gave me troubles and wanted me to jump...

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