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    Drawings that you have done with your surface

    Wow! Vxm's drawings look like he draws pictures for magic the gathering lol amazing
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    Firmware Update on 5/19/15

    just downloaded the update. no problems here
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    Surface Pro 3 for university student

    i have the 8gb/256 model since it came out. No problems thus far
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    Surface Pro 3 for university student

    I use it for taking notes. I'm a med school graduate (studying for the boards now) and let me tell you, the surface is INVALUABLE to my studies. If I some how had this when i first started, I would be so much more better off! I now encourage anyone, and everyone (ESPECIALLY students) to get a...
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    Solved Logitech T630 bluetooth mouse

    nevermind, i installed "SetPoint" from the logitech website, and i was able to solve my questions 1 and 2. hmm.. i really wish this mouse has the zoom function. i think it would have been the perfect mouse for me. other than that its an awesome mouse :)
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    Solved Logitech T630 bluetooth mouse

    i have a few questions/problems i hope someone can please help me with... 1) When swiping from the left, it brings up the App bar. In this video (at 1:50), the guy is able to switch directly from app to app. How do i get this to work like he does it? 2) Is there any way to get the...
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    can i make my OneNote load faster?

    Just some info... n my OneNote i have 7 notebooks, more than 8 sections in each, and Multiple pages on each subject (5-15). i the 8gbRAM, on windows 8.1 (fully updated), i have the minimal apps and programs installed (except for the basics and AmiDuos) when i swipe around a page, it has a bit...
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    1.1 billions revenue this quarter! surface pro 3 rocks!

    Yeah, I got four other people, who are studying for the board exam, to buy it! It's a very easy sell, for students anyway.
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    Competition from Dell?

    Hmmm.. I would love a stiff keyboard that has a hinge and an extra battery for my sp3. Though, for what I use my sp3 I don't need either lol. But who cares, I would buy one nonetheless :p
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    Yellow stripe at top of screen getting worse

    OMG mine has that yellow stripe also. I decided not to buy any of the optional insurances. what are my options? I was one of the early adopters.
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    Woo Hoo. Stickerboy skins for the Surface Pro 3 (now Surface Pro 4)

    Black leather. Looks like an ultra thin case. :) I love me some skin! Btw I bought a combo 1, but decided not to put on the front sticker.
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    I'm pretty happy with my surface. Productivity is dramatically increased with my note taking. I've been studying for the medical boards. Taking notes, double clicking pen to copy paste certain pictures (from Ebooks, websites, etc etc) to my notes, quickly transition to other notes, using...
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    Surface Pro 3 pen top button change to Onenote 2013

    Open up Onenote 2013 (desktop) > file > options > advanced > check the "Make Onenote 2013 (desktop) the default OneNote application for OneNote links, notes, and clips"
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    Start OneNote Desktop w/ pen click w/o new page

    How did you set up one note desktop for the pen click? And is there any way to get that option wheel from the modern app back?
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    Hmm that black matte looks really good. It looks more natural with the sp2 (vs the black leather, which is the one I ordered). But there is no real protection on the edges are there?
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    Hmm, are the tips replaceable? I'm a heavy handed writer and I don't want to keep replacing the pens.
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    Scratch? As in physical damage? Lol or is that a type of skin/case?
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    I had the black leather on my asus laptop, I liked how sleek, conservative (it blocked the asus logo, looked very low profile), simple and still looked very modern. Got a lot of compliments because of it. Also, I noticed you can get a stickerboy boy for your type cover? Why do I feel like it...
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    For those interested in Stickerboy protection, they are now available for order! "Pre-order special using promo code MSP3 25% off & free upgrade to Priority from first class shipping for domestic orders offer ends June 30th" Stickerboy ? Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Skin Series Which one...
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    is SP3 really "in stores" - can i go check it out?

    For some reason i thought preordering it from microsoft website was the fastest way to get it. Ugh, Now I'm thinking if I should have just done the microsoft store or best buy route :(

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