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    Laptop Hinge vs Kickstand Poll for SP4

    Recently purchased the Acer Switch 11 after having had too many issues with my SP3's, and the magnetic hinge Acer's employed here is what Microsoft needs to copy for the SP4. The keyboard is still super light, but it's a full keyboard, with an excellent trackpad, and I've really noticed how...
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    Why MS hasn't released a Core M Surface Pro

    Tried out both the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and HP Envy X2 Core M models today at my local Best Buy, and these things lag like nothing else. Just flicking the metro start screen left and right resulted in lag. The Envy was especially bad in it's keyboard responsiveness, as I'd type out a sentence...
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    HP Envy X2 Core M

    Interesting specs, the higher model Core M chip, 8g ram, 256g SS drive, 13.3 inches, (16:9 unfortunately), but will be less noticeable considering the larger display, and comes with a detachable keyboard, but a pen is optional. It's also bulkier/heavier, and has some ugly bezels on the sides...
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    Power Cover setup

    Still seeing lots of people complain about battery life - finally have a good power-cover setup going that offers excellent, lightweight protection. I've got the MS tempered glass screen protector on the SP3, and then the Moko...
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    Surface Pro no longer recognizes type-cover

    So my issues with the build quality of the SP3 continue... To date: 1st SP3: yellow line on left side of screen 2nd SP3: yellow line again 3rd SP3: back light bleeding + yellow line again 4th SP3: Jagged edges / unevenly positioned screen within the chassis 5th SP3: yellow line again 6th SP3...
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    Poll SP3 Protection Poll

    Curious what measures people are taking to protect their SP3's.
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    MS tempered glass screen protector...shattered.

    Quick update - first 2 weeks the official tempered glass screen protector worked great... and then I started transporting my SP3 to school and back everyday in my backpack. A couple of times my SP3 turned on in my bag and when I took it out it was pretty hot. Unfortunately, one of these times...
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    SP3 turning on too easily in cover/case

    Anyone else having this happen? Have had a variety of cases/sleeves/covers, and more often than not, my SP3 will turn on at some point during travel, so that when I take it out in class it's lost 20-30% battery, and is super hot from being trapped in my bag without proper airflow. Not talking...
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    Where did you put your pen loop? (pics)

    Since I replaced my type cover with the power cover I've been trying to figure out where to put the pen loop (as the power cover is thicker and there's just not a good spot to attach it. Ending up trimming the sticky tab and attaching it right under the hinge so the kickstand isn't hindered at all.
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    Surface Pro 3 Official MS Screen Protector

    Just picked one up at the MS store in Vancouver - said it's the first one they've sold and that it only just came in. Really impressed with it so far - made of tempered glass - feels incredibly premium, and when on the device it literally feels just like you're touching the actual screen. Also...
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    Init Tablet Case = perfect fit w/SP3 (with pics)

    Already have the SP3 in a folio case for when it's out in the wild, but wanted a compact case for my SP3 for carrying it in my backpack between classes. This case is literally a perfect fit for the SP3 and type cover. It's like it was designed for it - and it leaves the tiniest footprint...
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    Power Cover with SP3 + Pics

    Bought the Power Cover as 5-6 hours just isn't enough battery when I'm at school all day where wall outlets are hard to come by. Love it so far. Keys have more depth and are more click, and the extra weight balances the keyboard nicely when it's on your lap or a desk. It gives me around...
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    Power Cover + SP3

    Anyone using it? If so, how much battery life are you getting per full charge compared to just the standalone SP3 battery? Is it worth it? Wouldn't normally consider getting it, but this Mario folio case I have has a bunch of different positions/settings and it's actually more comfortable in...
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    What Phone are you pairing with your SP3?

    On my third SP3 now (third time's the charm?) - and currently using the Blackberry Passport with it's Blend program.
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    Returning my I7 SP3...again.

    Loved the machine for the first week that I had it... but then started running into issues. When the keyboard is plugged in, I've noticed that the fan is on around 75% of the time, and the machine runs hot regardless of what I'm doing (mostly web browsing). Wouldn't be as annoying if not for...
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    Underclocking to improve battery life and performance

    Getting around 5% performance boost so far after testing on a variety of benchmarking tools. Fan kicking in less often as well. Reports of up to +20% performance boosts on

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