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    All external monitor issues

    Just an update on my ongoing dramas getting a Philips BDM3740 to work as an external monitor through the SP4 dock. All but gave up using the dock and ended up connecting it directly from the SP4 via a mini DP to DP cable. Still had lots of issues with flickering and blank screens and only being...
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    Solved Help Surface Pro 4 This is the link from the Australian site but should work globally. You just need to put in the serial number for your device.
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    All external monitor issues

    So I've got a Philips BDM3470 that is connected via displayport to my main PC (an Intel NUC). I wanted to be able to connect my work i5 SP3 to it via HDMI and bought a mini DP to HDMI cable that works perfectly at 3440x1440. Problem is when I try and connect my i7 SP4 using the same cable and...
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    Sound not coming out of monitor after waking from sleep

    If you search for you should be able to download them and then manually install just the video and audio drivers.
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    Sound not coming out of monitor after waking from sleep

    There is a problem with the latest drivers from Microsoft. After weeks of testing I had to roll back to earlier drivers for both GPU and Intel Display Audio to fix it. Funnily enough it is a definite problem (I can repeat it for the two SP4s I own when connected to two...
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    Dock audio problem since last update

    Still having the same problem. Have tried every option. Fresh anniversary update, different monitors, different cables, SP3 dock, SP4 dock, direct connection to miniDP on SP4, connection using the dock. I have 2 SP4s and it does it with both. Revert back to Win 10 from SP4 recovery USB with old...
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    SPRO3 Type Cover Not Detected

    I had this happen to mine and in the end the simple 2 button shutdown method worked for me. You can google it but from memory: While the type cover is connected, hold down the power and volume up button simultaneously for at least 15 seconds (during which time it may restart and go the BIOS...
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    Dock audio problem since last update

    I'm the same. Have always used a passive converter and since they sorted out the dock problems with an update ~6 months ago it hasn't been problem. Now all of a sudden it is and I'm not planning on buying an active converter, they can sort it out.
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    Dock audio problem since last update

    As of the July update I have a problem where on resume from sleep the audio device reverts to the inbuilt speakers instead of going to my monitor through the dock (connected with a mini dp to dp cable). I've tried it with a Pro 3 and Pro 4 dock and two different monitors with the same result...
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    New Docking Station...Should I do SP3 or SP4?

    I've got an SP3 and SP4 in the house along with an SP3 and SP4 dock so I've tried all combinations to see what works best. The display port connectors on the SP4 dock are definitely more finicky. If you use DVI you'll need an active mini DP to DVI connector. I also find that with either the SP3...
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    Anyone with experience using the Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pro 3 Dock?

    If you plan on having your SP4 in a case then the SP3 dock obviously won't work and the SP4 one will. Otherwise it comes down to preference. I am using my old SP3 dock with a spacer for my SP4 and it works well. I only put on my UAG case when going away for a trip (every month or so). Although...
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    SP3 port replicator spacer for SP4

    Mine finally arrived. Works well enough and is stable.
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    SP3 port replicator spacer for SP4

    I ordered one 3 weeks ago in Australia and not sighted yet. Phoned up Microsoft and they said they are having global supply issues with some SP4 related stock and will get back to me tomorrow.
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    Is the Urban Amor Gear Case for the Surface Pro 4 any good?

    I had a UAG for my SP3 and loved it so also got one for my SP4. Haven't used it that much but initial impressions are great. The type cover fits perfectly over the screen and an elastic holder keeps it in place. It is sturdy enough to throw on the front seat of the car or in a bag and still...
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    Solved Win 10 activation problem dock/no dock

    So while trying to resolve a problem with the dock USB3 ports operating at USB2 speeds I unintentionally solved a problem I'd had with Win 10 not activating from a clean install after a successful in place upgrade. Can't believe I didn't twig to this earlier but when I did the in place upgrade...
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    Docking Station USB3 ports now at USB2 speed

    Anyone? Even if someone who has working USB3 speeds on their dock could let me know which driver is working and what the device name is? I've got a portable USB3 hub and it works perfectly and is listed as a Generic Superspeed USB Hub.
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    Docking Station USB3 ports now at USB2 speed

    I just noticed this this morning that the USB3 ports in my docking station are operating at USB2 speeds since upgrading last week to Win 10. Tried several USB3 devices in all the USB3 ports and the max speed I get is around 35MB/s. Try the same devices in the inbuilt USB3 port and get full USB3...
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    Solved Windows 10 activation problem (error 0xC004C003)

    I had this problem and it appears to be that I'd upgraded my OEM Win 8.1 Pro using a free Media Center key. My in place upgrade to Win 10 went okay but a clean install failed with the above code. Microsoft had no idea so I thought try to install the default SP3 Win 8.1 recovery image with just...