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    No granular brightness level below 60%

    This is my third Surface Pro 4 unit after having returned the previous two because of shaky/ghosting screen display. What I notice with this unit is that below 60% the screen brightness remains the same regardless of which level specified with Fn + Del/Backspace. Anybody else encounter this...
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    Booting from 3rd-party CD

    Thanks to the special support programmed for SP4 that still suffer the from unreadable vibrating screen I got a replacement unit. This is my third unit now. Previously when I experienced screen image ghosting in the...
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    Wobbly type cover trackpad

    For quite a number of months this year, something strange has happened to my SP4's type cover. When I'm carrying it around mobile, the trackpad works steadily. But when I return to my desk, where I have a bluetooth Sculpt Comfort mouse to use, the trackpad sensor goes rather haywire and sends...
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    What causes wireless adapter to prefer n over ac?

    My home route is a D-Link DIR-890L. Since the beginning on acquiring the SP4, I noticed wireless speed to be rather slow, and later discovered that the onboard Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller connects to the router using 802.11n. I could only acquire 802.11ac connection if I...
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    Out of sync video and audio

    Ever since some driver/firmware update in the last quarter of 2017 (I cannot pinpoint which), I noticed that my SP4 tends to playback videos with audio out of sync (i.e. audio happens before the video) whenever I pull video data via the wireless network adapter. It doesn't matter whether I am...

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