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    Sleep mode is comatose mode

    True. One of my staff did try and update all the drivers but that would not necessarily catch everything of course. I think my concern is that this is not a one off issue as I have read of it on a number of forums. I will see if we have a quiet spell then perhaps we can go for the full refresh...
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    Sleep mode is comatose mode

    Ah- just found what a refresh is. No I have not done this as it removes all the apps that have been installed. A reset to factory settings (where it was going into comatose mode) is going to give one of my staff a heap of work and presumably take it back to the same issue it had at the start. No...
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    Sleep mode is comatose mode

    Not sure what refreshing is. I have not done a complete re-set and reinstalled everything from scratch. We don't generally have to re-install the OS to get hardware to work when it is new. :)
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    Sleep mode is comatose mode

    Well, after a number of updates the surface pro 3 going into a permanent sleep mode seemed to be happening less often. Appearances are so deceptive. Now leaving it on battery and with the keyboard attached, it goes to sleep after 4 minutes as it should, and after a couple of minutes that is...
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    Do Not BUY SP3. You will be sorry

    You are definitely having a bad time with this one! Surprised to see such damage though given the packaging it cones in seemed pretty robust, although here in the UK it may be different of course.
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    Surface Pro 3 Not Turning On: Please Help

    Yes this becoming a royal pain for me too. First I had the docking station which would not charge the SP3 and would not recognise the external screen. The firmware update (whenI finally found it!) fixed this. But I still get the sleep mode that turns into a coma. Keyboard lights up but screen...