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    Husband and I just got one i7 each

    We went to try it out in the MS store. And we were both surprised at how satisfying the user experience was. So, we each got an i7 SL2. The blue one is mine. :D
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    Thought MS would like to know

    First of all, I work as an engineer for a large engineering firm. By large, I mean 10K+ engineers strong with revenue in the billions. My boss came by my office today to chat and whatnot. He told me that he along with many others in upper management, including the CEO, have been pushing for...
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    swipe from the left in browser?

    Single most used function in 8 for me. Can I bring it back in edge?
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    Funny thing just happened to me and my parents

    When the surface RT came out, I bought one for my mom and one for my dad. By the way, before this point they never used a computer before. They had just retired and I thought I'd give them something to play with. A short time later, I set up a desktop for them to watch netflix, youtube, and...
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    Amazon cloud drive offers unlimited space for $60/yr

    I just signed up for free 3 months. Man, this is the best deal I've ever seen.
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    Is there an easy way to roll back to 8.1?

    Frankly, I'm not impressed with 10. It's pretty much 7 that can run metro apps. And when in tablet mode, it's just auto-full screen windows. I think I'll be skipping 10. What's the easiest way to going back to 8.1?
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    Reviews for apps in the store are missing?

    I noticed that many of the reviews for apps are missing in the winstore once I upped to win10. What happened?
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    How do I bring back metro IE?

    Metro haters, please don't... Anyone know how I can bring back the metro IE? I just upgraded to 10 preview.
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    SP3 vs the new mac core M

    What do you guys think? Is the core M more powerful than my SP3 i5?
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    Please help me solve this output display problem

    I just bought an 8 inch windows 8 tablet. The idea is I would Velcro it to the wall not too far from my 50" tv and play netflix, youtube, and the movies I have on my hard drive, which is connected to my network router on my tv via hdmi. Just think star trek. It's pretty cool. I have it set...
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    Anyone find the forum software ironic?

    The surface is primarily a touch screen device, yes? Why is the forum dedicated to the surface family using software that is specifically for a mouse? I'm talking about having to hover a mouse over a thread to get the page links to appear.
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    The sp3 really is capable of everything

    I have not touched either my laptop or my lenovo tablet. I know this sounds a little bit over the top, but how I would describe this device is it's a dream come true. I've been working on an app for the department of transportation. I'm a programmer trapped in a structural engineer's body...
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    Are people exaggerating loud fan noise?

    As an experiment, last night I pushed my device to the limit. Ran several heavy duty software at once. The upper right hand quadrant of the back got really really hot. Here's the thing. I put my that side of the sp3 up against my ear and I heard the fan. Otherwise, I knew the fan was...
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    Does MS really want 1st gen surface out there still?

    I'm speaking from the perspective of an app developer. I know with each update to my apps, things are improved both visually and programmatically. Over time, these changes have made my apps hundreds of times better than their first iterations. Recently, I compiled and used one of the early...
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    The time to get a microsd card is now

    I just bought an sp3 i5 128gb + typecover+pen for $780 in like-new condition. Been using visual studio on it and I love it. That being said, the original intent has always been to get a 128gb micro sd to store stuff. I'm one that doesn't really care all that much about the read and write...
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    Sandisk 128gb microsd 89.99 amazon

    Sale ends tonight.
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    I just realized MS lied to us all!

    I'm currently using my new sp3 in bed while watching Netflix. I've moved the angle of the kickstand several times in the last few minutes. Windows 8.1 is as touch-friendly as I've ever known with this device. And I've used iOS and android before. Then it occurred to me. Anyone here remember...
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    New 3rd party dock in town

    I just did a search on Amazon and found this thing. Anyone here tried it yet? It costs considerably cheaper than the official dock.
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    Wifi coming back from hibernate?

    I've been updating my i5 sp3 to the latest everything since yesterday. So far, I really like how well made this thing is. Visual studio is working great on it. One thing I've noticed is coming back from hibernate even though WiFi is connected there's no internet. I have to disconnect and...
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    My first impression of the typing experience

    I just bought a surface pro 3. I got it mainly to replace my almost decade old laptop as a primary work device. I write programs and mobile applications with that laptop, and that's what I intend to do with the sp3. As soon as I got it, I immediately started typing away. What I don't get is...

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