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  1. Bandito

    Windows Store Updates Not Working

    I just noticed today that I haven't seen any app updates from the Windows Store in at least a couple of months. I know that the store isn't particularly active, but I used to see fairly regular updates to the apps that I do have from there. I was unable to find any way to manually trigger a...
  2. Bandito

    New SP3 Problem - Group Policy Client Failed to Start

    I'm now having a new battle Royale with my SP3. On Monday, I went to check for Windows Updates to be sure that I would be current for Update Tuesday, but the system would just hang on the MUI Check for Updates screen with the little dots chasing each other around in a circle. After killing...
  3. Bandito

    SP3 Reliability

    Sorry folks, but I need to vent! I'm really growing tired of the reliability of either the SP3, Windows 8.1, or both. For example, today, just as I normally do, I set up my SP3 (it's my secondary computer at work), turned it on, and then ignored it for a while. When I went to use it, the...
  4. Bandito

    Modern UI - Accessing Open Apps with a Mouse

    I just wanted to confirm that this is normal behavior as it seems a little odd to me. When using a mouse on an SP3 in the Modern UI, to access open apps, you place the mouse in the upper left hand corner and then get the following: Windows shows the last application used in the upper left and...
  5. Bandito

    Some Strange Behaviors Since Patch Tuesday

    I've seen some new and strange behaviors on my SP3 since last Tuesday's patches came out. For instance, last night after I got home from work, I got out my SP3 and opened the Type Cover, powered it up from sleep by pressing the power button, and it came up in portrait mode. No amount of...
  6. Bandito

    Wiindows 8.x and Things I Miss

    One thing that I really miss when running apps in the modern UI is having the time displayed on the screen. Now I no longer have a quick and convenient way to monitor the time while using the SP3. It's a small thing, I know, but it sure does change the experience, and not for the better, from...
  7. Bandito

    Arc Mouse Touch Surface Edition Scrolling Problem

    For those of you that have a Microsoft Arc Mouse Touch Surface Edition, do you have any issues with scrolling? I've read of many people seemingly having problems with this and was wondering what your experiences here have been like. What happens with mine at least once or twice a day is that...

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