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    How much Charge did your 128 have?

    Mine was dead until I plugged in AC adapter. Think this is the first product that I have purchased, possibly ever that was dead out of the box.
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    Waiting in Line for Pro 128....?

    Anyone else waiting in line for the Pro? Here at MS store, waiting to pick up 2 128's. One line for folks who have reservation receipt and another for everyone else (nice).
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    Skin your Pro for $15 @ MS Store while you wait?

    How many are going to skin. 15 covers the front (Bezel) and back. You can design it in the store and they will print/apply your custom gfx.
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    What Are Key Features Making You Buy a Pro?

    I know lots want full win eight. What other features have you choosing the pro?
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    Wacom vs Pro's Pen Input

    Anyone know how pro will stack up against typical wacom tablet? I thought pro was using wacom digitizer but apparently not.
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    i5 Fan Noise

    I'm hopeful the pro will have less noise than the Samsung ativ 700. I want the i5 but have gotten used to atoms silent operation.
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    Return for Pro...How Many?

    We purchased one Rt and one Samsung ativ 500. Love the form factor and build quality of the RT, not so much for the Samsung. Samsung's screen is nice and the digitizer has been key to our use case but the keyboard dock not working consistently is the big killer. I like the larger screen of...

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