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    type cover 2 touchpad randomly stops working?

    Not sure when this started but a reattach will make it work again. Anyone else here having this issue?
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    type keyboard FN issues O_o?

    My keyboard brightness buttons don't work without pressing the FN buttons anymore. Pressing lower keyboard brightness brings up any F1 help windows rather then changing keyboard backlight brightness and its the same with any of the top row keys such as the home button now being f9... any help...
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    Average temperature Under load?

    My surface pro 2 hit 69c is that normal? I was wondering because i have a Manvek case on it and it seems to run hotter with it on :confused::confused::confused:
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    warped or slightly warped kickstand O_o :(?

    My surface pro 2 I just purchased 3 days ago from bestbuy the original unit with the lotnumber of 1351 was very warped. my new unit is just slightly warped but I took it because it was their last surface pro 2 with the newer lot number. Now it seems like the adhesive for the middle of the...
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    4gb vs 8gb VRAM

    Does the 8gb version of the sp2 allocate more memory as vram compared to the 4gb version? Thanks

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