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    Touch Patch for CIV: Beyond Earth available!

    The first patch is there. Awesome game on the Surface! Now with complete Touch Controls, including pinch to zoom, two and three finger tip and doubletip. It runs really well in 1440x900.
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    Netflix app is power hungry

    Hi, the netflix app consumes 2 times more power than the netflix website via Metro IE while playing movies. The app consumes about 15W the website around 6.5W, according to battery bar. Can anyone confirm this? In real life the battery lasts really longer with the browser method.
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    Urban Armor Gear case will be available in 2 weeks!

    I was at the International Radio Fair in Berlin and UAG had the prototype of the Surface Pro 3 case there. It is similar to the other Surface versions, already well built and very lightweight. It has its own Kickstand and is compatible with the type cover. I tried it on my Surface and had some...
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    Does anyone own a 633x micro SD card and can do some tests?

    Hi, i am interested in buying the I3 Surface Pro 3. Due to the 64GB SSD i want to use a Micro SD for storage. I will use one of the very fast Micro SDs (Sandisk Extreme Pro or Lexar High Performance for example). I am not sure if the micro SD reader in the Surface Pro 3 is able to reach the...

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